Upgrading Airnotifier

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Steps to upgrade

  • Stop the server, killing the process
 ps aux | grep airnotifier
 kill -9 PROCESS_ID
  • Backup the MongoDB databases
    1. Backup AirNotifier settings database
      mongodump -h localhost --port 27017 -d airnotifier -o /var/airnotifier/
    2. Backup each application data
      mongodump -h localhost --port 27017 -d commoodlemoodlemobile -o /var/airnotifier/;

      mongodump -h localhost --port 27017 -d commoodlemoodlemobiletest -o /var/airnotifier/
  • Pull latest version from git
 cd /opt/airnotifier
 git pull
  • Check that your current version has a version number in the options collection (AirNotifier settings database) (Older AirNotifier versions doesn't have it), use the shell:
use airnotifier
  • If there is not a value option, create a new one:
db.options.insert({name: "version", value: 20140101})
  • Run the upgrade.py script
cd /opt/airnotifier
python upgrade.py
  • Start the server again


sudo -u airnotifier python airnotifier.py >> /var/airnotifier/console_log 2>> /var/airnotifier/error_log &