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Tracker tips

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Quick search

On every tracker page you can find search box. Quick search is much more powerful than you might think.

Examples of the quick searches:

Quick search Advanced search equivalent
Find all unresolved Bugs in Moodle project that contain words abra cadabra
MDL Unresolved Bug abra cadabra


project = MDL AND issuetype = Bug AND resolution = Unresolved AND text ~ "abra cadabra"


Find all ongoing issues assigned to me:
my Unresolved resolution = Unresolved AND assignee = currentUser()

Quick search can pick up many other keywords, see more information on page Using quick search

Advanced search

To get here either enter something in quick search or go to the link Tracker search page and switch it to “Advanced” mode. Now you can enter queries in the Jira Query Language (JQL). Use as many AND, OR and parenthesis as you want. Some examples and interesting subqueries:

JQL Explanation
project = MDL only issues inside project Moodle
resolution = Unresolved Best way to search for open issues
type in (Improvement, "New Feature")
votes > 50
component in (Assignment, Gradebook) where component is either Assignment or Gradebook
component = Assignment AND component = Gradebook where both Assignement and Gradebook are listed as components
labels = patch issues containing particular label
labels is empty OR labels not in (triaged, triaging_in_progress) issues NOT containing particular label(s)
updatedDate > -7d updated in the last week
assignee = currentUser() AND resolution = Unresolved open issues where you are an assignee
reporter = currentUser() issues reported by you
Participants = currentUser() issues where you commented, edited or otherwise participated
"Component watchers" = currentUser() and resolution = Unresolved open issues in the components where you are an automatic watcher (only tracker admins can assign automatic watchers)
assignee in membersOf("hq-developers") issues assigned to members of hq-developers group
status changed to "Waiting for peer review" before startofday(-7) and status = "Waiting for peer review" issues waiting for peer review for over a week
status WAS NOT "Development in progress" BEFORE "2011/02/02"
issue in linkedIssues("MDL-12345") issues linked to particular issue
issue in linkedIssues("MDL-12345","duplicated by") Returns all the issues directly and indirectly duplicated by 'MDL-12345'. i.e. if there is 'MDL-12222'  duplicated by 'MDL-12345'   and 'MDL-11111'  duplicated by 'MDL-12222', both 'MDL-11111' and 'MDL-12222' will be returned as search results.
issue in favouriteIssues() issues that you marked as favourite

More documentation on Advanced searching

Using filters

To create a filter click on "Save as" button above the search:


Now you can quickly access your filters but also you can subscribe to it, Click on "Details":


and then on "New subscription":


Now you will be notified daily about new issues in Assignment component. You can manage your filters and subscriptions on Manage filters page. Watchers automatically receive notifications about the updates of the issues they are watching. Using filter subscription you can either monitor issues that you are not watching or monitor issues that are in particular state and were not updated.

Useful queries

  1. Issues reported by me not against current versions - make sure that you keep track of your own issues!
  2. Untriaged issues in my components (works only for component leads)
  3. Waiting for peer review for 21 days
  4. Integrated this week - subscribe to this filter on Fridays and keep yourself up-to-date with what is happening in Moodle