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Testing instructions guide

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This page has suggestions for developers on how to write good testing instructions for the weekly testing of integrated issues.

We recommend that you:

  1. Number the steps in your test, and make use of sub-lists.
  2. Only put one action (preparation or validation) on each line - A step should only define a unique operation.
  3. Promote test validations - Confirm, Verify or Ensure - should be in bold so that they are easily identifiable.
  4. Make use of the Jira Markdown formatting.

In addition, the following items may be included:

  1. Setup requirements. If so, provide a link to the documentation e.g. if necessary writing something in the dev docs.
  2. Whether testing involves git/shell interaction, SQL operations... (commands in general), don't assume the tester knows how to perform that stuff. Instead, add them explicitly to the instructions.
  3. Whether testing may be done using the Moodle QA testing site.
  4. Whether multiple themes (current themes being Boost and Clean for old versions and Boost and Classic for 3.7 and up) should be used.
  5. Whether more than one browser should be used. (Tester should specify which browsers they used.)
  6. Whether extra testing around the issue is required.