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This content of this page has been updated and migrated to the new Moodle Developer Resources. The information contained on the page should no longer be seen up-to-date.

Why not view this page on the new site and help us to migrate more content to the new site!

This template will categorise any documentation which has been moved into to new Developer Resources site. Category:DevDocs Migration.

This template takes the following parameters:

  • newDocId: [string] - For example /docs/apis/access

Please note that this is a work-in-progress and we are currently assessing options. There is nothing to announce yet, but we want to be able to track which pages have been moved into our sample sites so that if we adopt one of these options we can track more easily what we have migrated.

At the moment this template deliberately has no content. This will be added when we have something to announce and we start to formally use any new system that we adopt.