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Hi, I noticed that you have listed decreasing the number of popups since especially novice users tend to get lost with them. I agree completely. As Moodle now features the YUI library, most popups could be replaced with YUI Dialogs: . This is a page-level modal dialog that the user cannot lose amongst all the windows, since there is no window. I think it would require a /lib/weblib.php function so that graceful degradation could be made seemless. Your project, being more general for the usability of all moodle, could perhaps take this on - it is a single, concrete thing that would have clear benefits if implemented. I am planning to use YUI Dialogs in the Quiz UI anyway, but it would be great if this effort would be driven centrally so that all modules would use it consistently. --Olli Savolainen 03:17, 1 July 2008 (CDT)