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Whew, decided I better start to anticipate 2.0. Thank you OU! I like this page, so much information and insights into a large Moodle site. In what has to be an almost micro site by comparison, I use Item Analysis and regrades on weekly exams in <blush> 1.5.3 (scheduled to be 1.9.7 at the end of the current cycle) and on a couple of 1.9.7 sites. Once 2.0 beta is released, you can be sure I will be testing and am already appreciative of the proposed changes.

Does OU or anybody in academia want to know where a question relates to in a Lesson Plan, or what the source is for the question's answer? A comment field attached to each question, with perhaps an option to display it in an item analysis report would be useful. We are starting to put a question ID in our lesson plans and attaching the question category questions in a cleaned up GIFT format for reference. Apologies if I missed this in 2.0 --chris collman 13:12, 5 March 2010 (UTC)


Multi answers questions (Cloze ) should be available with their subquestions treated individually.
To simplify we could maintain the same column numbers but having a special way to 
indicate the question subquestion division
I can work on this in an independent and "free" project once 
the necessary code flow modifications to access the subquestions data are resolved.
see MDL-11441
Pierre Pichet 08:34, 15 December 2007 (CST)

See Quiz_Item_Analysis_of_Multianswers_Question_Types See Quiz_Item_Analysis_of_All_Question_Types