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Support forums policy

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Note: This article is out of date and should not be referenced or migrated.

Community discussion courses

Our main Moodle community site,, includes community discussion courses in many languages.

In order to thrive, a community discussion course needs a core of committed participants and at least one facilitator.

If you would like to volunteer to help facilitate a community discussion course, please contact an existing facilitator.

Following a review and consultation, any community discussion courses which are no longer needed are closed. See courses review August 2012 for details of the last review.

Using Moodle forums

Using Moodle is the main place for support and developer discussions between users and developers in English.

Add-on maintainers and users are welcome to discuss their add-on in an appropriate forum, for example the Blocks forum, or the Themes forum, or the General add-ons forum. If an add-on maintainer thinks there is sufficient need for their add-on to have its own forum, they should create a Moodle Community Sites issue for it in the tracker.

Note: All add-ons should have an entry in the Moodle plugins directory and provide plugin documentation.

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