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Student projects/Admin page cleanup

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Source code now available on CVS (web access here) Please note the statuses on this page are out of date. For the latest issues and bugs, check the Moodle bugtracker

Key Project Tasks

Remaining Issues

  • Find a good way to mark settings that are set on initial install
  • Find a good way to display settings that are added (or set to default values) during an upgrade
  • Figure out how user_is_editing() should work in admin/pagelib.php
  • Specify the $paramtype for all admin_setting_configtext objects and children
  • Specify the $role for all admin_externalpage and admin_settingpage objects
  • Specify explicit $precedence values for all admin_externalpage, admin_settingpage, and admin_category objects
  • Fix non-language-specific strings, and add required langfile strings
  • Work out a way to handle gd_version
  • Consider adding icons and/or custom names for admin bookmarks
  • Fix icons in admin_2 block to be theme-dependent
  • Find out if admin_2 block can be set up as an HTML list (and still work with Javascript)
  • Fix admin/pagelib.php to include admin_2 and admin_bookmarks as default blocks
  • For the course management section, allow view-only-mode? (i.e. the mode in which you don't edit categories)
  • Work out which files can be safely removed from the admin dir
  • See if we can eliminate the old admin block (bear in mind it's still used on course pages)