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Setting up development environment

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This is a quick guide which contains all the tools you'll need to configure your development environment:


Apache + PHP

More information: Category:Installation



Manual installation

Moodle Development Kit (MDK)

Only for Linux and MacOS (not available for Windows)

  • Setup
    • Sample to create some instances (both based on master, first using PostgreSQL and second MySQL:
mdk create --install --engine pgsql --run mindev users makecourse
mdk create --install --engine mysqli --run mindev users makecourse -n stable_master-mysql
  • Behat
    • JRE
    • GoogleChrome driver (Firefox stopped working)




To view logs in real time on linux based machines you can use at the command line  : # tail - f

Example: # tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log

By viewing logs in real time you will find it easier to correlate actions and errors.

Other tools

  • Grunt
  • Ngrok, for getting your dev/private site publicly available (for sharing, for testing various integrations requiring public site, SSL or no...)