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SCORM 1.2 compliance test instructions

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This Page describes the steps necessary to check to see if Moodle complies with the SCORM 1.2 Compliance tests - these tests are run by Moodle Developers - they are not intended for use by others.

Moodle install/setup

Create custom users

  • The first user you have to create is "Joe Student". use the following details for this user:
Username:   joestudent
Password:   password
First Name: Joe
Last Name:  Student
Email:      joestudent@localhost.localdomain
City/Town:  Your Town
Country:    You Country
  • Now Create the 2nd user "Mary Learner" using the following details:
Username:   marylearner
Password:   password
First Name: Mary
Last Name:  Learner
Email:      marylearner@localhost.localdomain
City/Town:  Your Town
Country:    You Country

Create custom course

  • You need to create a course inside Moodle to upload the 2 SCORM Courses required for the test, For the full name of the course enter `ADL SCORM Test 1.2`, and for the short name enter `ADL1.2`, and then create the course (other default settings are fine)
  • Assign the 2 users created above (Mary Learner and Joe Student) as Students within this new course. Also assign the Admin user as a student within this course.

Upload the 2 SCORM test objects

The SCORM objects and are contained within the 1.2 Test suite available from

  • add a new SCORM object to the course created above - type in ‘ADL SCORM Test Course I` for both the Name and Summary, and link it to the SCORM test object
  • add a new SCORM object to the course created above - type in ‘ADL SCORM Test Course II` for both the Name and Summary, and link it to the SCORM test object

Test Setup and execution

Launching and completing the first course

  • Launch the ADL 1.2.7 Testsuite in Internet Explorer in one tab – IE 8 was used in this example.

Scorm12 test1.png

  • Select the link “Learning Management System (LMS) Run-Time Environment Conformance Test “

From here – it is assumed that the users knows everything that is required of them to operate the test suite. Scorm12 test2.png

  • At the point it is necessary to access the LMS, open another browser tab and launch Moodle in it, as before, going to

http://localhost. This ensures that the JAVA Applet from the test suite is available in the JavaScript layer of the actual running tests. Scorm12 test3.png

  • Log into Moodle by clicking on the Login link shown in the top right corner of the screen shown below.

Use the username `joestudent` and the password `password` to log in at this point. Scorm12 test4.png

  • Select the link under the heading `My courses` for `ADL SCORM Test 1.2` as shown below, You can now see links to the two ADL SCORM test activities setup previously.

Scorm12 test6.png

  • Select the link `ADL SCORM Test Course I` to launch the first test, Here you are able to switch the Mode for the course between Normal and Preview. Normal (default) is used when testing = credit and is used for `ADL SCORM Test Course I`. Preview is used when testing cmi.core.lesson_mode = browse, and = no-credit. This is used initially when testing `ADL SCORM Test Course II` Click on the `Enter` button to launch the next SCO in the sequence

Scorm12 test7.png Scorm12 test8.png

  • When each SCO is finished you can proceed to the next by clicking on the `Continue` button located in the table of

content shown to the left. Scorm12 test9.png Scorm12 test10.png

  • During SCO 4 you will be required to log out and then back in again twice in order to complete the SCO. You can log out

by clicking on the `Logout` link shown in the top right corner. Scorm12 test11.png

  • Once logged out you will need to log back in again and navigate back to, and enter the SCO.

Scorm12 test12.png

  • As mentioned above you will need to log out and in again for a second time in order to complete the SCO.

Scorm12 test13.png

  • At this point you simply need to proceed through each SCO as it is successfully completed.

Scorm12 test17.png Scorm12 test18.png

  • When the final SCO is completed, then log the student out, but do not close the tab/window until the entire testing

procedure is completed. Instead, alternate between the tabs to complete the process. Scorm12 test19.png

Launching and completing the second course

  • In order to complete the second course you must log in as Mary Learner with the username `marylearner`, and the

password `password`. Scorm12 test2 1.png

  • Click the ` ADL SCORM Test Course II` link under the `My courses` heading to launch the second course.

Scorm12 test2 2.png

  • Change the mode from Normal to Preview before entering the course, this will set = no-credit and

cmi.core.lesson_mode = browse. Scorm12 test2 3.png Scorm12 test2 4.png

  • Complete the first SCO as shown above and then click `Continue` to move onto the second SCO. This will request you to

logout before completing the SCO. Scorm12 test2 5.png

  • Once you have logged out, and logged back in again you can re-enter the course, however you need to ensure that Mode

is this time set to the default Normal, this will set = credit and cmi.core.lesson_mode = normal. Scorm12 test2 6.png

  • Having done this the second SCO will now be complete and you can proceed to complete the final SCO, completing the

test. Scorm12 test2 7.png