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New docs version process

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This page describes the procedures for creating a new Moodle Docs version wiki.

4 weeks prior

Tidying up in current latest version wiki:

  1. Delete
  2. Edit (ignoring redirects to dev docs)
  3. Check and delete as necessary
  4. Check and delete as necessary
  5. Check and delete as necessary
  6. (Check and delete as necessary )

Create a tracker issue for creating new en and de version wikis similar to MDLSITE-6265.

3 weeks prior

In new version wiki:

  1. Edit MediaWiki:MoodleDocsVersionLinks
  2. Edit Main_page
  3. Add message to MediaWiki:Sitenotice
  4. Remove new features template from all pages in Category:New_features
  5. Edit Template:New_features and Category:New_features
  6. Go through tracker issues with the docs_required label and the release notes for the upcoming release and add documentation on new features plus the new features template
  7. Create Upgrading_to_Moodle_3.x and redirect to Upgrading
  8. Update version number in Template:Version and Template:Version2 and Git for Administrators
  9. Review Special:WantedPages
  10. Review Special:LonelyPages
  11. Review instances of "(new in 3.x)" text (not always necessary to remove them)
  12. Add link to new version wiki to
  13. Add link to new version wiki to
  14. Post on in the Moodle community sites forum about the new version wikis e.g. Moodle Docs 3.9 wikis now available

1 week prior

In new wiki:

  • Remove message in MediaWiki:Sitenotice
  • Check (and update if needed) Upgrading and Upgrade overview pages

In all older version wikis:

Day of release

Request for the new version wiki to be made default and email notification of watched pages to be enabled.

In previous latest version wiki:

Final checks