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Moodle Workplace 4.1 release notes

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See our Moodle Workplace 4.1 new features page in the user documentation for an introduction to Moodle Workplace 4.1 with screenshots.

Major features

Moodle Workplace 4.1 is based on top of Moodle LMS 4.1 and has all the new features of the core version. In addition, it contains all exclusive features from Moodle Workplace:

  • Advanced tenant appearance settings: tenant branding now includes two more settings that were available in Workplace 3.11: Navigation bar and Primary button colours. We have added more granularity to the permissions to change the appearance of the tenant, so advanced settings such as custom SCSS can be restricted to specific roles.
  • Improvement to Tenant-allocation rules in the Shared Space. We have added two new conditions (“Users is allocated to tenant” and “User is not allocated to tenant”) and one action (“Allocate to tenant”) to Shared Dynamic Rules, with this addition we simplify the tenant allocation workflows for Admins in multi-tenant Workplace sites.
  • Migration of core_reportbuilder custom reports. Migration feature now supports import and export of Custom Reports using Moodle LMS native report sources.
  • Improved My Teams support in the Workplace App. The new My Teams page now includes information about learning and tracking in the Workplace App.

Other interesting features

  • Hide/mask description of Dynamic rules conditions and actions when current user is not able to edit them
  • Improved how hidden courses are displayed in the My Courses and Program pages
  • Added "department" to User profile field condition in Dynamic Rules
  • New setting to disable Program Cover page
  • New setting to hide "Dates" section in the course information popup
  • Fixed bug with deleted appointments being listed in user calendar
  • Archive course certificates during program reset
  • Display a warning when changing a tab without saving a form
  • Allow tenant admin to edit locked profile fields for users in their tenant
  • Fixed a bug causing an exception when viewing program progress report as an organisation manager after program import

Upgrade notes for 4.1

Upgrade from LMS

If "$CFG->forcewpsetup = true;" is set in config.php before upgrading Moodle LMS to Moodle Workplace 4.1, the upgrade process add ‘myinprogress’ and ‘myavailable’ blocks to the default dashboard, and reset the dashboard for all users.

Upgrade from Moodle Workplace 3.11 and 4.0

On upgrade from Workplace 3.11 to 4.1 in one step, all appearance settings will be preserved excepting the Drawer colour, which doesn’t have any equivalent in 4.1.

Note that in case the upgrade is performed in two steps (3.11 > 4.0 and 4.0 > 4.1), the Navigation bar and Primary button colours will not be preserved in the corresponding settings, but the values of the settings that were added as custom CSS on upgrade to 4.0 will still be available (see Workplace 4.0 upgrade notes).


We have deprecated the following in 4.1:

  • get_managed_users web and get_teams_tab_filters web service in tool_organisation;
  • get_user_learning_statuses in tool_program.
  • tool_wp/db class


Moodle Workplace 4.1.1 is based on top of Moodle LMS 4.1.1 and has all the new features of the core version. In addition, it contains all exclusive features from Moodle Workplace. This is a very short release as we launched 4.1 one week ago, so it does only include a couple of minor bug fixes.

Interesting features and fixes

  • Fixed bug blocking users without the capability to edit their own profile to access Program Pages