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Moodle User Interface Guidelines:Help requested

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Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.

Moodle User Interface Guidelines > Help requested

You can help by commenting on Guideline_template and on the guidelines listed in the appropriate forum. The template describes how the actual guidelines are supposed to be written, so it might be a good idea to read and compare these side-by-side. If you wish, you can even add new guidelines yourself - don't worry about if they look right yet or not - and I can take a look at them too. During July 2009, the number of guidelines will increase - if not by you, then by me. I will hope to have a lot of eyes on them to make sure they are easy to understand and use.

The point is to have something everybody will use in development. I want you to reject this, but do it now, please, not later :). Tell me what you think might be better. Let us build this together.

About writing these guidelines