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Release date: 20th December 2019

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle Mobile 3.8.0.

New features and improvements

  • H5P integration including option to view H5P content offline
  • Dark mode option
  • Native MathJax support
  • Comments can be added or deleted in blogs and activities
  • Forum user interface enhancements
  • Forum posts can be edited and deleted
  • Calendar events can be filtered by type
  • Course participants search
  • The app lets you know if you are working offline
  • Admins can specify a minimum version of the app required to access the site

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-2934 - Cannot open files with special characters (ü, è, ...) with latest file-opener plugin
  • MOBILE-3040 - Assignment: when the teacher deletes the assignment, the user can never submit a new submission
  • MOBILE-3070 - Clicking on a forum notification can take too long
  • MOBILE-3133 - App closes when using back button on fullscreen video
  • MOBILE-3140 - Site blocks no longer work in 3.7.1 if they don't specify displaydata
  • MOBILE-3143 - Scrolling the course page can cause the top tab bar to disappear
  • MOBILE-3167 - Some blocks not visible in the web site are displayed in the app
  • MOBILE-3173 - regression: dragdropmarker questions no longer working in mobile app.
  • MOBILE-3174 - App doesn't render Database fields after changing field names and templates
  • MOBILE-3180 - Plugin pages freeze the app when offline, if not cached
  • MOBILE-3182 - Revise quiz behaviour when quiz is disabled in the App
  • MOBILE-3187 - OS keyboard briefly appearing when clicking on 'Filter my courses'
  • MOBILE-3189 - Custom lang strings for bottom tabs not always applied
  • MOBILE-3191 - CoreCourseOptions tabs flicker when scrolled if page is slightly longer than screen
  • MOBILE-3201 - Logs stored in offline aren't deleted if WS returns an error
  • MOBILE-3218 - Not all course modules links are captured by the app
  • MOBILE-3222 - Error accessing YouTube video from URL resource
  • MOBILE-3223 - Playsinline for iOS 10+ not working in InAppBrowser
  • MOBILE-3229 - Icon adaptive in Android 7.1.1 not propperly set
  • MOBILE-3233 - Sections cache may cause some resources fail opening/refreshing
  • MOBILE-3235 - Error on Dashboard when Activity Block is added
  • MOBILE-3245 - Grades for courses that a user is not enrolled in aren't displayed properly
  • MOBILE-3247 - Survey: Changing the time taken updates the comments textarea

New Feature


  • MOBILE-1355 - Display the SCO scores in the TOC
  • MOBILE-1611 - Mobile app doesn't show embedded math TeX or MathJax in Quizzes
  • MOBILE-2491 - Support filter plugins on the Mobile app
  • MOBILE-2497 - Use Enable notifications instead of Disable notifications
  • MOBILE-2828 - Icon adaptive
  • MOBILE-2862 - Forum - posts without replies sometimes the time elapsed is shown
  • MOBILE-2872 - Book module enable teacher to see hidden pages
  • MOBILE-2890 - Improve visualisation on longer time options for calendar event notifications
  • MOBILE-2972 - Display course category in 'Recently accessed courses' and 'Starred courses' and 'Course overview' blocks
  • MOBILE-3084 - Users should be available to opt-out to Firebase analytics at run time
  • MOBILE-3091 - Countries ordered by "short name" instead of "full name"
  • MOBILE-3093 - Improve Login with a forcedpassword change account (App and Desktop)
  • MOBILE-3095 - Make it easier to support plugins like mod_label using site plugins
  • MOBILE-3105 - Move wiki map to lateral popover like TOC in Book, Scorm and Quiz
  • MOBILE-3109 - Add TS types to the return of WS functions of some addons
  • MOBILE-3119 - Display the Site URL somewhere in the App settings when its prefixed
  • MOBILE-3120 - Module intro should be displayed in the app only in the same cases when it is displayed in web
  • MOBILE-3121 - Add label to "Remove files" context menu item
  • MOBILE-3127 - Allow defining a different timeout in wifi/3g
  • MOBILE-3130 - Use perpage and count field in get_comments
  • MOBILE-3131 - Sign-up should set the country indicated in the "Age consent" page
  • MOBILE-3132 - Call fillContextMenu even if there's an error
  • MOBILE-3136 - Calendar: include filters by type event (global, category, course, group, and user)
  • MOBILE-3139 - Unlock plugins and libraries after 3.7.1 release
  • MOBILE-3142 - Improve chat look and feel
  • MOBILE-3144 - Add new Dark Mode option in the app
  • MOBILE-3147 - Remove types from jsdoc comments
  • MOBILE-3157 - Delete forum posts
  • MOBILE-3164 - Stop using WS tokens to retrieve images. Use tokenpluginfile.php instead.
  • MOBILE-3166 - Remove auto-focus in the search box from the tags main menu option
  • MOBILE-3168 - Reduce tags size in Tags block
  • MOBILE-3169 - Include ios-CFBundleVersion in config.xml for supporting multiple iOS builds
  • MOBILE-3175 - Update copyright in files license
  • MOBILE-3177 - Support the new tool_mobile_minimumversion setting
  • MOBILE-3186 - Bump version to 3.8.0
  • MOBILE-3190 - Support the new course overview block settings
  • MOBILE-3192 - Set a max-height to the app header
  • MOBILE-3195 - Allow to disable the "Forgotten password" feature in the app
  • MOBILE-3196 - Assignment: Add warning about students falling into Default group if group submissions are enabled but not required
  • MOBILE-3198 - Support YouTube video start time in mediaplugin filter
  • MOBILE-3205 - UI improvements on forum
  • MOBILE-3206 - Change literal of invalid site version
  • MOBILE-3210 - Support the new course overview custom field filter
  • MOBILE-3211 - Reuse current title in the new-content directives for site plugins
  • MOBILE-3215 - Style improvements for BMA
  • MOBILE-3216 - Include method for checking if the app is controlled by automation (Behat)
  • MOBILE-3217 - Support the new course card colors
  • MOBILE-3224 - Update file-opener plugin to latest version
  • MOBILE-3227 - Optimise how course fillters configuration is retrieved
  • MOBILE-3228 - Reconnect screen styles does not match the log-in screen when custom style are applied
  • MOBILE-3230 - Improve default subject on post replies
  • MOBILE-3232 - Reduce package size by removing unnecessary files from MathJax