Moodle Mobile 3.7.0 release notes

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Moodle Mobile release notes > Moodle Mobile 3.7.0 release notes

Release date: 7th June 2019

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle Mobile 3.7.0.

New features and improvements

  • Various UX improvements
  • Support for forum improvements in Moodle 3.7
  • Support for group messaging improvements in Moodle 3.7 (including Push notifications for group messaging and mute conversations)
  • Improved storage management (user can manage storage within any course)
  • Big performance improvements (especially when connecting to a site running Moodle 3.7 onwards)
  • Offline support for Nextcloud
  • Vimeo embedding improvements

For developers:

  • Improved custom URL scheme API allowing SSO from other apps

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-2840 - SCORM module is not being launched automatically in some cases
  • MOBILE-2842 - Database: Only one offline action is stored for each entry
  • MOBILE-2882 - Restore browser SSO in Mac apps
  • MOBILE-2901 - Support Nextcloud offline files
  • MOBILE-2927 - Desktop: Adapt push notifications simulation to the new behaviour
  • MOBILE-2928 - Content links and push clicks doesn't use the openCourse function
  • MOBILE-2940 - <core-icon> label attribute does not work on Ionic icons
  • MOBILE-2948 - Assign: Prefetching not working for teachers
  • MOBILE-2949 - Database: Content jumps when navigating entries individually
  • MOBILE-2952 - Matching question dropdowns are not properly aligned
  • MOBILE-2969 - Quiz: Student can always review an attempt if he's reviewed it in the past
  • MOBILE-2980 - Phonegap Build auto-generated activity name causes problem for apps with non-latin names
  • MOBILE-2981 - ion-select arrow is black by default
  • MOBILE-2982 - Site plugins not loaded in Moodlecloud sites
  • MOBILE-2983 - Set a new reminder button is confussing
  • MOBILE-2993 - Grade report - null is not an object (evaluating 'src[1]')
  • MOBILE-2996 - Logout + SSO: User is able to override the stored site
  • MOBILE-2998 - ddimageortext and ddmarker are broken in Moodle 3.7
  • MOBILE-2999 - Travis is failing with Node 12 because of node-sass
  • MOBILE-3003 - Feedback: Numeric answer show the the range
  • MOBILE-3005 - Docker images are failing
  • MOBILE-3008 - Course format site plugin: "Invalid parameter value detected"
  • MOBILE-3017 - Default time for calendar events is not visible in some languages
  • MOBILE-3033 - Some site plugins can use the same name to store the data
  • MOBILE-3049 - Site home activities are not displayed in new sites
  • MOBILE-3050 - Essay lesson questions don't work in offline in Moodle 3.7


New Feature

  • MOBILE-2905 - Allow user to manage storage within course
  • MOBILE-2945 - Display custom course fields in the app
  • MOBILE-2962 - Support self conversations in the app
  • MOBILE-2978 - Forum: Implement a "Private Reply" option
  • MOBILE-2988 - Forum: Add the ability to lock discussions manually
  • MOBILE-2989 - Forum: Add ability to star and pin discussions


  • MOBILE-2817 - Lesson UX improvements for multiple attemps
  • MOBILE-2835 - Sites saved even if reinstalled Moodle Desktop
  • MOBILE-2838 - Use tool_mobile_call_external_functions when available
  • MOBILE-2851 - Display / use last course access where necessary
  • MOBILE-2856 - Database: Offline entries cannot be viewd, edited, deleted and approved
  • MOBILE-2860 - Allow conversations to be muted/unmuted
  • MOBILE-2873 - Improve activity synchronisation
  • MOBILE-2894 - Assignment requiring groups - App shows "Not a member of any group" instead of "Member of more than one group"
  • MOBILE-2895 - Download icon should change to a different icon, not disappear
  • MOBILE-2898 - User is not able to know course is downloaded
  • MOBILE-2900 - Exclude enrolledusercount from enrol_get_users_courses web service call
  • MOBILE-2903 - Show menu items depending on device width and show on a side when on tablet
  • MOBILE-2906 - Create course menu delegate so addons can add menu items
  • MOBILE-2907 - Obtain the resource file mimetype and other required information from the course_get_contents WS
  • MOBILE-2914 - The "star" switch for adding to Contacts is completely confusing, can't tell between ON and OFF modes
  • MOBILE-2921 - Improve handling push notification clicks
  • MOBILE-2935 - Support site plugins for blocks on dashboard page
  • MOBILE-2937 - Smooth show/hide top tabs on scroll
  • MOBILE-2938 - Allow site plugins to specify it own URLs for the app and handle the contexturl field
  • MOBILE-2939 - Improve download size warnings
  • MOBILE-2944 - Hide completion bar and completion menu option for teachers (or any non-tracked user)
  • MOBILE-2947 - Push notifications icons should support colors when displayed in the notifications center
  • MOBILE-2951 - Make it easier to see what web services requests are made
  • MOBILE-2953 - Use the new customdata sent by push notifications
  • MOBILE-2954 - Ensure Firebase analytics are disabled
  • MOBILE-2955 - Quiz entry page should be refreshed when a download finishes
  • MOBILE-2956 - Improve the notifications page
  • MOBILE-2957 - Support Firebase analytics
  • MOBILE-2959 - Custom status bar color in Android
  • MOBILE-2960 - Improve Vimeo embedding for 3.7 onwards
  • MOBILE-2961 - Support push notification images, pictures and messages grouped
  • MOBILE-2963 - Apply UI changes in messaging for 3.7
  • MOBILE-2964 - Allow teachers to delete messages for all users within their conversations in the app
  • MOBILE-2966 - Quiz: Allow clearing answer choice in multiple choice in the app
  • MOBILE-2974 - Assignment: Improve submission statement to cover all possible settings, support for the app
  • MOBILE-2975 - Support new features indicated in 3.7 to be disabled
  • MOBILE-2977 - Post-release process
  • MOBILE-2979 - Align the download icons on the course page
  • MOBILE-2984 - Allow changing the title of dashboard page using a config.json variable
  • MOBILE-2985 - Forum: Simplified form when adding discussions and replies
  • MOBILE-2986 - Allow enabling developer tools in the desktop version
  • MOBILE-2992 - Sort forum discussions
  • MOBILE-2994 - File support for Lesson Essay
  • MOBILE-3001 - Retrieving the course users details has a big impact on performance
  • MOBILE-3004 - Add the hability to personalize status bar background color
  • MOBILE-3010 - Support bootstrap tooltips
  • MOBILE-3013 - Allow to SSO from external apps via the Custom URL Scheme API
  • MOBILE-3016 - Local notifications icon in Android should be a calendar icon
  • MOBILE-3018 - Support the "Post a copy to all groups" option when a teacher is creating a new discussion
  • MOBILE-3019 - Support the new forum due dates in the app
  • MOBILE-3031 - Create a gulp command to combine all SCSS files
  • MOBILE-3034 - Improve module restrictions styles
  • MOBILE-3035 - Delete cache when cleaning storage of a site
  • MOBILE-3036 - Define different cache expiration times
  • MOBILE-3037 - Execute gulp before running ionic serve
  • MOBILE-3038 - Link Course competencies to learning plans
  • MOBILE-3045 - Change splash screen to white