Moodle Mobile 3.6.1 release notes

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Moodle Mobile release notes > Moodle Mobile 3.6.1 release notes

Release date: 29th March 2019

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle Mobile 3.6.1.

New features and improvements

  • Support for blogs: Users can view and comment on the site, personal and course blogs.
  • Support for ratings in forum, glossary and database activities: User can view and rate those items.
  • Support for SCORM packages full screen
  • Push notification improvements. Faster and contextual notifications.
  • Support for multiple calendar event alerts
  • Offline activities synchronisation improvements
  • Accessibility improvements: For mobile screen readers.
  • Two separated notification channels now available in Android: You can separately enable/disable Push and local (calendar) notifications.

More improvements bellow.

  • mm36101.png


  • mm36102.png


  • mm36103.png

    SCORM full screen.

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1516 - Push Notification icon is not show in Android
  • MOBILE-2188 - Performance and data consuption problem when viewing single entries in large databases
  • MOBILE-2429 - Feedback add-on with "allow multiple submissions" doesn't show previous responses.
  • MOBILE-2663 - question_out_of_sequence_exception when running on iOS Moodle App
  • MOBILE-2781 - when assignment grader hidden, mobile app has caching issues.
  • MOBILE-2785 - Assignment Submission not working while offline
  • MOBILE-2799 - User picture - same user, same site, different images in different devices
  • MOBILE-2811 - In quiz review mode the matching question dropdowns should not be active
  • MOBILE-2819 - Accessibility issues on VoiceOver and TalkBack
  • MOBILE-2825 - Error on resubmitting entry with files
  • MOBILE-2827 - Local notifications icon is not displaying correctly
  • MOBILE-2841 - Discussion doesn't scroll to bottom when opened in iOS devices
  • MOBILE-2855 - Student is not able to see the assessment of it's own submission
  • MOBILE-2861 - Moodle mobile infinity loading screen when using deep links
  • MOBILE-2869 - No option displayed when trying to add a file in an assignment
  • MOBILE-2875 - Map "remoteAddOn_" to "sitePlugin_" in disabled features
  • MOBILE-2876 - Error in the app when assessing submissions (assessment form)
  • MOBILE-2891 - Inline reply form is not being displayed when replying a post in iPad
  • MOBILE-2892 - URL module hangs if accessed before its finished loading
  • MOBILE-2902 - Database: css template is not applied
  • MOBILE-2908 - Multiple WS Requests to core_course_get_contents to obtain information for URL resources
  • MOBILE-2912 - App doesn't use "en-us" lang strings defined by site plugins
  • MOBILE-2913 - Errors on prefetch section

New Feature



  • MOBILE-1834 - Handling notifications for Calendar Events
  • MOBILE-1973 - Improve performance when syncing expired/logged out sites
  • MOBILE-1979 - Launch view events when synchronizing offline activities
  • MOBILE-2114 - Prefetch data after syncing and just when leaving a SCORM activity
  • MOBILE-2527 - Download embedded files when prefetching a course or section
  • MOBILE-2746 - Completion checkboxes should only trigger a reload if completion status is used
  • MOBILE-2796 - Allow longer time options for calendar event notifications
  • MOBILE-2797 - Add a .gitattributes file for line ending settings
  • MOBILE-2807 - Add a setting to configure send option on messaging
  • MOBILE-2812 - Make the shortanswer question display more like the website display
  • MOBILE-2814 - Update local-notifications plugin
  • MOBILE-2818 - Allow any site plugin handler to specify the Moodle plugin that is supporting
  • MOBILE-2822 - Assignment word count doesn't handle new lines right in the app
  • MOBILE-2824 - Support chapterid parameter in book links
  • MOBILE-2832 - Display more calendar events on first access
  • MOBILE-2843 - Redo Notes workflow
  • MOBILE-2846 - Update travis scripts to support Desktop Linux building
  • MOBILE-2847 - improve short answer input box inside text
  • MOBILE-2850 - Prefetch data after synching and when leaving an activity
  • MOBILE-2858 - Improve grade table preformat
  • MOBILE-2864 - Update Ionic to 3.9.3
  • MOBILE-2871 - Display grading summary for groups correctly in the app
  • MOBILE-2886 - Do not display the bottom tab menu when displaying SCORMS configured to open in new Window
  • MOBILE-2887 - Implement link handlers for blogs
  • MOBILE-2888 - Make URL optional in multi-selector
  • MOBILE-2910 - Accessibility fixes on core-icon
  • MOBILE-2911 - Consistency on per page navigation