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Moodle Mobile 3.5.2 release notes

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Moodle Mobile release notes > Moodle Mobile 3.5.2 release notes

Release date: 10th September 2018

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle Mobile 3.5.2.

New features and improvements

  • Support for RTL (Right To Left) languages
  • Improved and clearer navigation between sections in a course
  • Support for embedded content in Page resources (like H5P)
  • Option to configure files to show their size and format
  • Tracked forums now display the number of unread messages
  • App interface has been adapted to iPhone X
  • Multiple improvements and minor bugs fixed

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-2179 - Activity completion check box
  • MOBILE-2254 - App does not support courselistshortnames option
  • MOBILE-2399 - URL variables not working in Moodle Mobile
  • MOBILE-2417 - Quiz questions status is not being correctly displayed
  • MOBILE-2433 - Vimeo Full Screen goes behind the app screen
  • MOBILE-2436 - Clicking Play on Audio element opens description
  • MOBILE-2442 - MP3 files in the Quiz and Lesson modules cause the app to crash on iOS devices
  • MOBILE-2445 - Moodle mobile does not use the full screen (iPhone X)
  • MOBILE-2459 - Chart with choice responses is to small if there are lot of options
  • MOBILE-2471 - Missing Hindi characters in headers
  • MOBILE-2472 - Weekly format, double infinite loading when switching course format
  • MOBILE-2473 - Problem with the text editor on iOS and Android (wiki pages)
  • MOBILE-2474 - Scale properly SVG images in iOS (iPhone size)
  • MOBILE-2475 - Course Overview inconsistant with 100% Course Completion
  • MOBILE-2476 - Embeded media in questions is not working correctly on iOS 11.3
  • MOBILE-2477 - Youtube videos continue playing when screen is locked
  • MOBILE-2479 - Pass outputs to course format components and other site plugins components
  • MOBILE-2480 - Refresh course format site plugin view if module completion has changed
  • MOBILE-2482 - Site Home button sometimes is not displayed in 3.1 sites
  • MOBILE-2484 - Password field is cleared after losing focus
  • MOBILE-2487 - Students can't see the assessments of their workshop submission
  • MOBILE-2488 - Last activity in site home is not displayed
  • MOBILE-2490 - Downloading of activities cannot be enabled from site home
  • MOBILE-2493 - Back button in iOS is not translated
  • MOBILE-2494 - App settings menu on iPhone X
  • MOBILE-2495 - Insufficient text contrast on hidden course modules
  • MOBILE-2500 - Can't display embedded YouTube video on full screen
  • MOBILE-2501 - Open a course link inside the app
  • MOBILE-2503 - Feedback option “Auto number questions” is ignored. Questions are always auto numbered:
  • MOBILE-2505 - Text formatting on Feedback Labels is ignored (H1, H2, …)
  • MOBILE-2508 - The editor loses focus when you click any editor formatting button
  • MOBILE-2509 - Gradebook with subcategories does not show well, even on landscape
  • MOBILE-2510 - App always uses default_lang if forcedefaultlanguage is false
  • MOBILE-2511 - Clicking on the activity name when viewing the grade of an activity opens it in browser
  • MOBILE-2512 - Downloading a course or a section tries to download hidden modules and sections
  • MOBILE-2513 - Infinite loading not working in participants
  • MOBILE-2514 - Addons displayed in user profile are wrong when viewing another user & own profile at the same time
  • MOBILE-2515 - Clicking a glossary term in the right pane of split view opens the term in the right pane, so you cannot go back
  • MOBILE-2518 - Navigation links generate error in Rise SCORM module
  • MOBILE-2519 - Doing a PTR in a subfolder inside mod_folder shows an error
  • MOBILE-2520 - You need to logout/login 2 times for custom lang strings to be applied
  • MOBILE-2523 - uploaded resource isnt immediately available, throws NOT_FOUND_ERR
  • MOBILE-2524 - SCORM videos cannot be played in Desktop
  • MOBILE-2525 - Context menu in activities isn't updated sometimes
  • MOBILE-2526 - Error:text.replace is not a function at Grades tab
  • MOBILE-2531 - Activity site plugin prefetch is broken after the prefetch class refactor
  • MOBILE-2533 - Embedded content is not visible in the Mobile app
  • MOBILE-2534 - Embedded iframes links and should be treated
  • MOBILE-2535 - Cannot see the full text of each option in selects
  • MOBILE-2536 - Can't record and upload audio or video with iOS
  • MOBILE-2538 - ionViewCanLeave not working in right pane of split view when clicking back button
  • MOBILE-2540 - App allows selecting both options in a single choice question page
  • MOBILE-2541 - Broken SCORM on iOS with HTML5 elements
  • MOBILE-2543 - Change course image background to white when image is present.
  • MOBILE-2545 - iOS keyboard doesn't display the accessory bar
  • MOBILE-2546 - Weird split view animation when recording audio files in iPad
  • MOBILE-2550 - media.forEach is not a function
  • MOBILE-2551 - Cannot select a shared files to be used in an assignment
  • MOBILE-2557 - Show more is displayed in list of forum discussions when it shouldn't
  • MOBILE-2558 - Cannot read property "scrollToTop" of null
  • MOBILE-2559 - Teachers are not able to see stealth sections
  • MOBILE-2561 - Forum discussion subject show HTML chars
  • MOBILE-2569 - Notification badge does not change when notifications are viewed

New Feature

  • MOBILE-649 - Add RTL support
  • MOBILE-2562 - Enable Travis CI on Moodle Mobile 3.5
  • MOBILE-2568 - Display link to Google play and App store when accesing older sites


  • MOBILE-2080 - Display the number of unread posts for tracked forums
  • MOBILE-2084 - Add filesize and format on file resources
  • MOBILE-2161 - Support auto-login in embedded custom menu items
  • MOBILE-2364 - Inline styles should be treated to download images referenced by CSS
  • MOBILE-2481 - Improve sections navigation within a course
  • MOBILE-2528 - Allow running a certain function when site plugin WS directives are done
  • MOBILE-2529 - Improve the NSCameraUsageDescription, NSMicrophoneUsageDescription and NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription
  • MOBILE-2537 - Add Sauce Labs Logo on readme
  • MOBILE-2547 - Target API 26 in Android apps
  • MOBILE-2548 - Allow passing javascript variables to new plugin pages
  • MOBILE-2549 - Add compilation time info on the about page
  • MOBILE-2555 - Don't clean HTML in summaries and descriptions
  • MOBILE-2556 - Decrease number of core_course_get_courses_by_field WS calls
  • MOBILE-2563 - Decrease number of core_course_get_contents calls in the section page
  • MOBILE-2566 - Check also image size in percentage