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Moodle Mobile 3.4.1 release notes

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Moodle Mobile release notes > Moodle Mobile 3.4.1 release notes

Release date: 28th February 2018

Complete list of fixed issues in Moodle Mobile 3.4.1.

New feature

  • Courses download - A new option for downloading all courses you are enrolled in


  • Embedded Vimeo videos work better


Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1629 - Splash sceen is distorted on a Nexus 9
  • MOBILE-2252 - LTI External Activity start reuses nonce
  • MOBILE-2280 - moodle mobile shows different string
  • MOBILE-2291 - Filters are not applied in the linux desktop app
  • MOBILE-2313 - Vimeo video with parameters in the url doesn't work
  • MOBILE-2316 - Badges are not visible in the user site profile and don't indicate if they are expired
  • MOBILE-2358 - Site announcements default forum is duplicated on the app Site Home
  • MOBILE-2359 - Number of assertions different in app from web version in workshop
  • MOBILE-2361 - Error: undefined is not an object (evaluating state.finished)
  • MOBILE-2365 - Custom language strings replacement tokens not being replaced
  • MOBILE-2367 - Support filter in feedback activity answer options

New Feature