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Moodle Mobile 3.2.0 release notes

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Moodle Mobile release notes > Moodle Mobile 3.2.0 release notes

Release date: 12th December 2016

Complete list of issues for Moodle Mobile Moodle Mobile 3.2.0.

New features

All new features and improvements require Moodle 3.2 except where indicated.

  • Assignment: Teachers can grade submissions, even if they are offline, using numerical points, scales, outcomes and feedback comments. Advanced grading methods such as rubrics are not yet supported.
  • Auto-login: Users are automatically logged in to the site in a browser when coming from the app.
  • Grades: A new grades link in the side menu provides quick access to course grades.
  • Sign-up: Users can create new accounts using email-based self-registration. CAPTCHA and custom profile fields are supported.
  • Notifications: A new notifications preferences screen lets users decide how to be alerted.
  • SSO support: Sites using SSO auth methods such as CAS or Shibboleth no longer require the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin.
  • Profile picture: Users can easily update their profile picture by taking a photo or choosing one from the photo library. (Moodle 3.1 onward with the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin)
  • Badges: Users can view their awarded badges in their profile. (Moodle 2.8 onward with the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin)
  • mm32001.png

    Submissions grading

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  • mm32005.png

    Profile picture

  • mm32006.png



  • Performance: Requests to the server have been greatly reduced, making the app faster and reducing data consumption. (Moodle 2.8 onward with the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin)
  • When connecting to a new site, the site name and logo are displayed in the login screen.
  • The ‘My courses’ screen has been redesigned to improve usability.
  • Assignments with submission statements are now supported.
  • Users can now change the password or complete missing fields in their profile when required.
  • Pinned forum discussions are now displayed correctly.
  • Discussion locking is supported.
  • Single simple discussion forums no longer show the author of the first post.
  • The size of the app bundle has been optimized, reducing it by 25%.


  • Orphaned sections are not displayed any more.


Please refer to

Complete list of issues

New Feature

  • MOBILE-329 - Profile Picture could trigger a profile update page
  • MOBILE-1504 - Display a new "My grades" option in the Mobile app
  • MOBILE-1557 - Display the user badges in the user profile
  • MOBILE-1618 - Configure the mobile notifications within the app


  • MOBILE-1705 - Support remote addons in user custom fields
  • MOBILE-1864 - Integrate the latests protractor test
  • MOBILE-1888 - Test video players and the Atto option
  • MOBILE-1894 - Phonegap build repository closed (change plugins)
  • MOBILE-1897 - Backport new Web Services in 3.2 to local_mobile


  • MOBILE-1851 - Add outcome support to grading assignment
  • MOBILE-1852 - Add feedback support to grading assignment
  • MOBILE-1853 - Add simple grading support to grading assignment
  • MOBILE-1855 - Add prefetch and offline grading features for assignment
  • MOBILE-1867 - Improve new assignments Look and feel
  • MOBILE-1871 - Filter submissions need to be graded
  • MOBILE-1878 - Add scale support on simple grading for assignments
  • MOBILE-1879 - Exit without saving warning on assignment feedback page.
  • MOBILE-1884 - Allow user to grade from web on advanced grading


  • MOBILE-1598 - Enable users to sign up or register an account in the app
  • MOBILE-1657 - Course actions under course are very tight
  • MOBILE-1676 - Allow submitting assignments with submission statement
  • MOBILE-1687 - Hide author of the forum post if forum_is_author_hidden() advises so
  • MOBILE-1802 - Allow to install or move the app to an external storage system (SD)
  • MOBILE-1806 - Auto-login support in the app
  • MOBILE-1808 - The app new sites checking process should use tool_mobile_get_public_config when available
  • MOBILE-1809 - Use gradereport_user_get_grade_items for quiz final grade calculation when available
  • MOBILE-1813 - Allow the user to change the password or add the missing profile fields via the app - auto-login
  • MOBILE-1840 - Add missing config.json available settings
  • MOBILE-1848 - Add a new config.json property (forcedefaultlanguage)
  • MOBILE-1860 - Retrieve the private token when log-in via browser/embed to SSO sites (tool/mobile/launch.php)
  • MOBILE-1862 - Speed-up the my courses page options loading
  • MOBILE-1863 - Support custom URL schemes in InAppBrowser
  • MOBILE-1872 - Calculate course modules status in courses via core_course_check_updates
  • MOBILE-1881 - Load first discussion instead of new discussion when accessing a forum in tablet
  • MOBILE-1882 - Display pinned discussions
  • MOBILE-1889 - Disable error reporting by default
  • MOBILE-1904 - Do not display the keyboard when going to a conversation from the messages screen
  • MOBILE-1905 - Replace the app icons for iOS
  • MOBILE-1907 - Handle inside iframe
  • MOBILE-1911 - Update Ionic to version 1.3.2
  • MOBILE-1913 - Add filtered message text on messaging
  • MOBILE-1914 - Improvements in assignment grading
  • MOBILE-1915 - Fix subtitles positioning


  • MOBILE-1559 - core_course_view_course not working right in the app
  • MOBILE-1749 - Hidden site home blocks are shown in the app
  • MOBILE-1794 - on login, error message 'Cannot find data record in database table course' is displayed.
  • MOBILE-1825 - Moodle App 3.1.2 stil shows orphan activities
  • MOBILE-1838 - Redirect to another site fails if the current site has remote addons
  • MOBILE-1839 - Can edit submission status is not using the correct field
  • MOBILE-1844 - Re-apply "Pass parameters to login/token.php only in browser"
  • MOBILE-1854 - Redirect to My Courses if Site Home is empty not working in Moodle 3.2
  • MOBILE-1856 - Launch the assign viewed event in the app so completion is triggered
  • MOBILE-1859 - Fix the bottom padding in iOS
  • MOBILE-1868 - Error when editing online text of an submission created via "Add a new attempt based on previous submission"
  • MOBILE-1876 - Fix the login typo and chage the Credentials by log in
  • MOBILE-1880 - Addons in My Courses have a border top in Android
  • MOBILE-1885 - Connect to Moodle help text is incorrect
  • MOBILE-1887 - Links in error modals override the app
  • MOBILE-1893 - remote addons using directives throw security warnings
  • MOBILE-1895 - remote addon build process bundles unit test files into addon.js
  • MOBILE-1896 - $mmaCourseCompletionHandlers isEnabledForUser and isEnabledForCourse are not working as expected
  • MOBILE-1899 - Input text disappear when scrolling with keyboard open
  • MOBILE-1906 - Detecting updates in a section isn't reflected in the list of sections
  • MOBILE-1909 - Course handlers don't show spinner on PTR
  • MOBILE-1916 - Italic text is not italic in quiz in the Mobile app