Moodle Mobile 2.7 release notes

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Moodle Mobile release notes > Moodle Mobile 2.7 release notes

Release date: 29th December 2015

Complete list of issues for Moodle Mobile Moodle Mobile 2.7

New features


  • Participants option is not shown if the user doesn't have permission to view the participants list in a course
  • Site home section displays the main topic section first

For developers

  • The Cordova File API has been implemented; you can use the file system now via a browser
  • Support fixed URL in config.json

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-1333 - Prefetch and download a file at the same time causes problems
  • MOBILE-1334 - Use formatted siteurl to reconnect to a site
  • MOBILE-1360 - Incorrect string id used for "Change site", we are using "logout"


  • MOBILE-1317 - Force ordering by site order in the Participants view
  • MOBILE-1320 - Use the new WS mod_forum_can_add_discussion for filtering the list of groups where a user can post
  • MOBILE-1335 - Migrate config.json to an AngularJS configuration file
  • MOBILE-1336 - Support fixed URL in config.json
  • MOBILE-1356 - Show message if user is not enrolled in any course
  • MOBILE-1359 - Sections ordering in the "Site/Front page" section in the app is not correct
  • MOBILE-1362 - Do not display the Participants course option in My courses if the request fails

New Feature

  • MOBILE-1291 - Allow guest access without password to courses searched
  • MOBILE-1322 - Implement the Cordova FileAPI to support usage of the file system in the dev. browser