Moodle Mobile 2.3 release notes

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Release date: 8th October 2015

Complete list of issues for Moodle Mobile Moodle Mobile 2.3

New features

  • Forum - users can create new discussions and reply to existing ones
  • Choice - users can now delete responses

Both require Moodle 3.0 or the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin installed

  • MM32Forum01.png

    Option for adding new discussions

  • MM32Forum02.png

    New discussion form

  • MM32Forum03.png

    Option for posting a reply

  • MM32Forum04.png

    Post reply form


  • Date handling and formatting
  • Notifications for deleted sites are not shown
  • Scaling of large images and videos
  • Option to view scaled images at full size
  • Option to report errors in the background (configurable)


  • Site notes can no longer be viewed via the app

Complete list of issues


  • MOBILE-991 - Unable to authenticate
  • MOBILE-1025 - No sound on video
  • MOBILE-1152 - MM Does Not Present Multi-Authentication Window
  • MOBILE-1170 - Site notes cannot be seen from the app
  • MOBILE-1181 - iOS Phonegap Build: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: cordova
  • MOBILE-1219 - Not possible to create a new site using a browser
  • MOBILE-1225 - Moodle Mobile does not work with iOS9
  • MOBILE-1226 - Multi-lang in Mobile: show first option if no match found
  • MOBILE-1237 - Timeout triggered in siteExists
  • MOBILE-1239 - Error reported via the app: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'top' of undefined
  • MOBILE-1244 - Error when deleting site in browser: ReferenceError: device is not defined
  • MOBILE-1245 - Controllers instantiated twice with split view
  • MOBILE-1249 - Split view: component undefined if links are loaded fast
  • MOBILE-1250 - Teacher should be able to add discussions to any group
  • MOBILE-1251 - Single answer choices not working right on iOS9


  • MOBILE-1048 - Improve date handling and formatting
  • MOBILE-1138 - Handle big images and videos in the app
  • MOBILE-1151 - Offline mode if downloadfiles is disable on a site already stored
  • MOBILE-1176 - Remove SCRIPT tags in content passed to mmFormatText
  • MOBILE-1208 - Report errors from cordova, Ionic and ydn-db in background (configurable)
  • MOBILE-1227 - Push onto the FDroid repos
  • MOBILE-1229 - Display more sensible error when creating a site without network
  • MOBILE-1230 - Upgrade PhonegapBuild version to use latest Cordova versions
  • MOBILE-1232 - Don't show notifications if site is deleted
  • MOBILE-1233 - View scaled image at full size
  • MOBILE-1235 - Support default and gravatar profile images
  • MOBILE-1238 - Remove errorreport.js from index.html

New Feature