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Release date: 13 January 2020

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.8.1.

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-67327 - Switching "JavaScript Cache" on crashes first.js
  • MDL-48024 - Plugins should be able to provide data generators for Behat
  • MDL-65956 - A teacher trying to remove a submission without having the relevant capability encounters an error
  • MDL-67410 - Ajax call to enroll potential users is too slow
  • MDL-66581 - Password reset email doesn't fill in $a->link when auth_method is LDAP
  • MDL-67392 - Forum information about timed discussion doesn't handle correctly "displaystartdate" and "displayenddate" containing quotes
  • MDL-67285 - Filepicker does not work in the modal forms - unable to click on input texts
  • MDL-66503 - Scorm player is really narrow in new window on classic theme
  • MDL-66871 - Moodle calendar is not able to import .ics files with repeated events anymore
  • MDL-67042 - Block overview course filter displays hidden custom fields
  • MDL-65735 - Activity completion report - clicking initial should reset page number
  • MDL-67152 - Current day not displayed by default when using the calendar day view
  • MDL-67458 - Fatal error if cohort_role_sync task is run when an assigned role no longer exists
  • MDL-67359 - Relocate the Notifications area in the grader interface
  • MDL-67300 - Calendar: Inconsistent behaviour of managegroupentries capability
  • MDL-67277 - Discussion list shows subjects in bold
  • MDL-67154 - Quiz print version should not split questions over two pages
  • MDL-66708 - LTI 1.3 private key reset on each tool edit
  • MDL-64695 - tool_dataprivacy doesn't filter multilang tags within $SITE->fullname
  • MDL-67233 - Choices with only open dates in the future do not appear on timeline
  • MDL-67336 - Forum inline reply option is applying filters before saving content in the DB
  • MDL-67596 - Cron / adhoc task runners ramp up slowly for no reason

Security fixes

  • MSA-20-0001 Stored XSS in message conversation overview

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