Moodle 3.5.17 release notes

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This version of Moodle is no longer supported for general bug fixes. You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

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Release date: 8 March 2021

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.5.17.

Security fixes

  • MSA-21-0006 Stored XSS via ID number user profile field
  • MSA-21-0007 Stored XSS and blind SSRF possible via feedback answer text
  • MSA-21-0008 User full name disclosure within online users block
  • MSA-21-0009 Bypass email verification secret when confirming account registration
  • MSA-21-0010 Fetching a user's enrolled courses via web services did not check profile access in each course
  • MSA-21-0011 JQuery versions below 3.5.0 contain some potential vulnerabilities (upstream)

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