Moodle 3.3.9 release notes

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This version of Moodle is no longer supported for general bug fixes. You are encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle.

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Release date: 12 November 2018

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.3.9.

Note: For sites using a custom theme or login form, from 3.3.9 onwards, the login form must include a new login token field. For details of required changes, see Login token.


  • MDL-62563 - Data deletion of existing deleted users
  • MDL-62491 - HTML data request export format
  • MDL-63401 - User expiry improvements
  • MDL-63619 - Data purpose and category inheritance improvements
  • MDL-62554 - Ability to configure data registry to use module type defaults
  • MDL-63116 - Data requests bulk actions
  • MDL-63009 - Site mentioned in email notifications of data requests
  • MDL-62904 - Delete account link on profile page

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-63421 - Environment check for version not supporting PHP 7.3
  • MDL-63267 - Assignment rubrics should consider the fillings table

Security issues

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