Moodle 3.1.4 release notes

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Release date: 9 January 2017

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.1.4.

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-42977 - Improve Collapse/Expand behavior on the course listing page
  • MDL-48055 - Outline report (at the student Activity reports) no longer shows quiz grade when it must be hidden
  • MDL-55906 - Assignment grading table reset button should clear persistent settings
  • MDL-57222 - Marking workflow and grading must still save for hidden Assignment
  • MDL-56810 - Fixed error converting submissions for annotation when student is unenrolled from course
  • MDL-54846 - Add support for embedding WAVE (.wav) files
  • MDL-55062 - Upload users admin tool incorrectly updates authentication method for existing users when not included in CSV
  • MDL-56912 - Feedback: Allow to submit empty not required multichoice questions
  • MDL-53044 - Completely prevent login with expired passwords

Security issues

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