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Release date: 11 January 2016

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.0.2.

Security issues

  • MSA-16-0001 Two enrolment-related web services don't check course visibility
  • MSA-16-0002 XSS Vulnerability in course management search

Fixes and improvements

This is a very quiet release since Moodle 3.0.1 has only come out recently and lots of developers and users took Christmas holidays after that. Additional interesting issues included in 3.0.2 are:

  • MDL-49473 - Logs export contains year
  • MDL-52078 - Fixed error in grade totals when using natural grading and excluding hidden items that appeared only when viewed by students
  • MDL-52354, MDL-52355 - Database module now allows to set dates in a broader range and respects calendar type plugin
  • MDL-51257 - Messaging screen now indicates when a message is not sent
  • MDL-52194 - Fixed Flowplayer not working with insecure configuration of request_order

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