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Release date: 14 September 2015

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.8.8.


  • MDL-50062 - Changing grading category aggregation method no longer results in unexpected "Extra credit" items
  • MDL-34938 - Enrolment expiration dates are now respected in meta course enrolments
  • MDL-35148 - Course/Category themes are respected when viewing website on tablets or mobile devices
  • MDL-45772 - Forms such as "Create new group" are no longer populated with passwords and usernames by the browsers

UI changes

  • MDL-37832 - Course overview block on "My" ("Dashboard") page indicates that activities are expandable/collapsible
  • MDL-46860 - Filepicker is displayed correctly inside Manage Files popup in Atto
  • MDL-49536 - "Clean" and "More" theme's logo removes all header information.
  • MDL-45841 - Blog-style forums better indicate unread posts
  • MDL-50293 - File name wraps properly in the Navigation block
  • MDL-50323 - Unordered lists are styled in course sections properly
  • MDL-50869 - Increased contract of warning colours for AA accessibility
  • MDL-50801 - Allow to set the caption side in Atto table

Functional changes

  • MDL-49826 - Single view now requires capability moodle/grade:edit and not moodle/grade:manage
  • MDL-35027 - Forum's subscribers list shows participants with no access to forum
  • MDL-51179 - Atto autosave restore is disabled if the content is modified by somebody else
  • MDL-49629 - Possible to specify icon URL for a named external tool
  • MDL-50868 - Allow to use ruby tags

API changes

  • MDL-49085 - Block tag_youtube is converted to the new YouTube API
  • MDL-49360 - Function get_local_referer() should be used rather than HTTP_REFERER directly

Security issues

  • MSA-15-0030 Students can re-attempt answering questions in the lesson
  • MSA-15-0032 Users can delete files uploaded by other users in wiki
  • MSA-15-0033 Meta course synchronisation enrols suspended students as managers for a short period of time
  • MSA-15-0034 Vulnerability in password recovery mechanism
  • MSA-15-0035 Rating component does not check separate groups
  • MSA-15-0036 XSS in grouping description

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-46232 - Fixed "Only lowercase letters allowed" error on deleting users with empty email
  • MDL-30315 - Uploading feedback from CSV no longer overrides local assigned grades
  • MDL-49440 - Date picker correctly displays names for week days in all locales
  • MDL-42670 - Recent activity block no longer shows student name when assignment blind marking is on
  • MDL-49864 - Assignment PDF Pen annotations are always visible even if there are draft pen annotations
  • MDL-43785 - Corrected error message text about expired sessions when clicking on AJAX elements such as expanding admin menu
  • MDL-44962 - Fixed error when using HTML tags inside wiki headers
  • MDL-50649 - Optimised database query for Course Participation report
  • MDL-50714 - Posting in a forum does not unnecessary require capability 'mod/forum:movediscussions'
  • MDL-50799 - Improve question bank "questions per page" string behaviour

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