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Moodle 2.5.5 release notes

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Releases > Moodle 2.5.5 release notes

Release date: 10 March 2014

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 2.5.5.


Functional changes

  • MDL-40821 - Language menu in Clean shows language used

API changes

  • MDL-43882 - "Time spent waiting for the database" value added to performance info

UI changes

  • MDL-44425 - Skydrive, and Google Docs are renamed OneDrive, Box and Google Drive respectively to reflect these remote service name changes.

Security issues

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-40705 - Long course names are truncated in navigation menu
  • MDL-40205 - Long block titles are truncated in Clean
  • MDL-42882 - Performance improvement to missing root directory upgrade step
  • MDL-40849 - Assignment marking guide screen fixed in Clean
  • MDL-44217 - The link colour in Bootstrapbase (and Clean) is now WCAG compliant
  • MDL-44029 - Quiz user overrides no longer deleted by group event handler
  • MDL-44018 - Variant field of question_attempts is backed up by Moodle backup
  • MDL-43941 - Activity show/hide toggle fixed in hidden and orphaned sections
  • MDL-43306 - Backup no longer introduces duplicate gradeitem sortorders when restoring

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