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Moodle 2.0.3 release notes

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Release date: 5th May 2011


User interface changes

Security issues

For details of resolved security issues, see

  • MDL-26803 - "Force password change" not happening
  • MDL-25122 - Quiz review page does not check and enforce separate groups mode
  • MDL-26621 - System user profile leaks email when maildisplay == 2
  • MDL-26838 - Ability to fill a database with invalid records through ratings
  • MDL-26854 - Ability to generate invalid records in the comments table in the database

Changes to APIs

Modules etc wanting to make use of ratings are now required to implement two callback functions, modname_rating_permissions() and modname_rating_validate(). Full details of the callbacks are available in the rating 2.0 documentation
Plugins intending to use comments are required to implement two callback functions: pluginname_comment_validate(), and pluginname_comment_permissions. Please read full details in Comments documentation.

Fixes and improvements

  • MDL-26643 - Fixed blog visibility issue after update
  • MDL-26768 - Grades from Lessons are now correctly set to null on non-attempt
  • MDL-26798 - Fixes to Dropbox repository integration
  • MDL-27116 - Fixed theme directory linking
  • MDL-27246 - Able to checkout strings in the language customisation tool
  • MDL-27251 - Added optional timeout estimation to file downloads based on file size as it can blocks upgrade
  • MDL-27394 - Backup and restore might sometimes have scrambled the order of choices in question types.

A total of over 200 changes were made. See the full list of fixed issues in 2.0.3.

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