Moodle 1.9.6 release notes

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Release date: 21st October 2009

Here is the full list of fixed issues in 1.9.6.


Security issues

  • MSA-09-0016 - Email not properly escaped on user edit page
  • MSA-09-0017 - Upgrade code in 1.9 does not escape tags properly
  • MSA-09-0018 - Incorrect escaping when updating first post in a single simple discussion forum type
  • MSA-09-0019 - SQL injection in update_record
  • MSA-09-0020 - Teachers can view students' grades in all courses in the overview report
  • MSA-09-0021 - Error in ADODB OCI8/MSSQL drivers allows SQL injection vulnerability

New language strings

  • MDL-20371 - publicsitefileswarning3 in moodle.php
  • MDL-19145 - several strings and a new help file. Please check CVS history.

New language packs

  • Marathi - Usha Deo
  • Urdu - Faisal Kaleem

(See Translation credits for additional details.)

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