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Moodle 1.6.1 release notes

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Release date: 20th July 2006

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regression in Turkish locale handling
  • Authorize and Paypal enrolment plugin cleanup
  • Fixed serious problem with failing Database restore
  • Fixed restore of HotPot module containing attempts
  • Minor Database module fixes
  • National characters in graphs now work for most languages out of the box
  • Reviewed and fixed all *nix locale codes in language packs
  • Fixed problems when using Resources with Blocks on the front page
  • Fixed missing events on the first day of month in calendar
  • Fixed several problems in Lesson - scores, branch tables, HTML editor issues
  • Fixed broken intermodule relinking of absolute paths - please do not use course backups from original 1.6
  • PDF byteserving problems caused by incorrect partial content length solved
  • Fixed several regressions in handling of multiple groups
  • Fixed alphabet problems in Glossary
  • Chameleon theme fixes and enhancements
  • Fixed all hard coded admin paths
  • Fixed moving of course sections
  • Fixed grading of Essays in Quiz
  • Several Quiz regrading problems solved
  • Questions are now exported into backupdata directory
  • Added workaround for problems when editing two quizzes in one browser
  • Lots of other Quiz related bugs fixed - thanks Tim!
  • Fixed IE insecure items warning on sites with https login
  • Improved cookie test on the login page
  • Potential security issue with unzipping maliciously-crafted zip files fixed
  • Sanitized input parameters in help.php
  • Calendar view.php now respects forcelogin setting
  • And lots of other minor fixes worth upgrading

New Features

  • Enhanced frontpage settings - front page can now be different for logged in users, changed category list display
  • Improved administration page layout
  • Possibility to change graph font for all locales - moodledata/lang/default.ttf takes precedence over lib/default.ttf
  • Local language packs may also contain default.ttf
  • Backported improved lang.php from HEAD
  • New config.php option $CFG->allowvisiblecoursesinhiddencategories

Known Problems

  • Broken images in published question categories
  • Small number of sites reports problems with Quiz upgrade - please always do a full database backup before any upgrade!
  • Workshop backup/restore and Workshop import from other course not supported
  • Additional feature 'Sidebar Block' uses section 1000, but 1000 is not included in the backup


  • Third party modules should be already updated for 1.6.x - you must install new versions before UTF-8 migration!
  • New integration of phpMyAdmin available - fixes upstream security problems and compatibility with PHP 5