Moodle 1.5.2 release notes

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Release date: 16th July 2005

Various fixes

  • Journal -> Assignment upgrade now works properly :-/
  • Assignment submodules now upgrade as expected
  • Various other bugs with new Assignments fixed
  • Journal module is now disabled by default on new installations
  • Login page is now 100% HTTPS if required
  • Various small standard theme tweaks
  • Fix for recent matching questions display bug in Quiz
  • Language editor no longer creates empty files when not necessary (caused country list bug)
  • Fixed some manifest parsing problems in SCORM module
  • Multilang filter now deals with pack names that contain numbers
  • Files are now force-downloaded (fixes IE problems and some security issues)
  • Relinking debugging output is escaped
  • Large MP3 player now displays ID3 tags properly again
  • Some chat daemon improvements

Some new things

  • Orangewhite theme optimised for use on PDA
  • Forum user posts page can be called without userid
  • Altavista BabelFish now allowed in as guest when Google is