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This page lists the projects we are initially planning to work on for the Moodle 2.9 dev cycle. The goal for this cycle is to work on 2 major projects in parallel, and give these projects enough time to become fully mature and stable, and only then to choose some smaller projects to plan, spec and build depending on the time remaining.

Navigation improvements

Specification: Navigation overhaul specification

Summary - the linked specification above details a major overhaul of the navigation in Moodle. It is intended to be worked on over several release cycles. The scope for this cycle is to work on the pages that should sit in the "User context".

Work already completed:

Work in scope for this release cycle:


  • Mockup
    • Build a full clickable mockup (no code) simulating the final result of all pages affected by the work in scope for this release cycle.
    • Promote the mockup in the forums, with Martin and others to get their early input on the changes.
    • Iterate the mockup based on suggestions from Martin and the community
  • Update specifications
    • Based on the feedback from the mockup, update the Navigation overhaul specification with design changes and technical details required to begin work
  • Implementation
    • Create an Epic and an initial set of tasks to complete for this project. This list of tasks should include internal (complete feature) reviews within the team and performance reviews
    • Work on the issues in the Epic until they are 100% complete

Outcomes improvements

More projects

More projects will be added here, but not until we are satisfied that one of the projects listed above is fully complete and we have the time/resources to work on an additional project.