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An overview of the Google Summer of Code 2017 projects for Moodle.

For more details, see the GSOC 2017 course at

This year, Moodle will run a single GSOC project.

Improve End-to-End Testing in the Mobile App

The project aims to enable the Moodle Mobile App with fully automated End-to-End testing capabilities with SauceLabs and Travis CI using latest upgraded versions of Node, Protractor, Gulp, Appium, Selenium with latest Moodle Mobile App v3.3.0 [~26/5/2017].

Integrating SauceLabs and TravisCI enables a completely automated build on Travis along with End-to-End testing on SauceLabs’ Browsers, Mobile/Tablet Android Emulators, Mobile/Tablet iOS Simulators [and Real Devices exclusively for premium users]. Incase of any failure in Travis build, debugging can be easily done as SauceLabs provides the actual video and screenshot logs of all the tests for 30 days [only metadata & screenshots after that] and TravisCI restores the build log for lifetime of a repository.

Project Goals

  • Upgrade Node, Protractor, Gulp, Appium, Selenium and other related dependencies
  • Configure the App for Travis build and SauceLabs testing via Travis
  • Fix all the failing E2E tests
  • Add E2E tests for newly added features/modules in Moodle Mobile v3.1.x, v3.2.x, v3.3.0
  • Modify the existing documentation of Moodle Mobile Development Environment Setup and End-to-End testing environment

Project Info

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