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The outputs of the Moodle GSOC 2016 projects were summarised at blog post.

For more details, see the GSOC 2016 course at

The final projects were also presented at the Developer meeting September 2016 - see the meeting video archive.

Plugin skeleton generator

The project’s aim was to make developing plugins a much easier task. A new tool was designed and implemented by the GSOC student. Based on coding techniques used by existing plugins, on the guides and specifications found in the Moodle developer documentation, as well as on the user’s input, the new tool generates skeleton code that can be used to build new Moodle plugins.

Adding search to more Moodle components

Several key search areas like users or messages have been successfully integrated into Moodle's core expanding global search subsystem's functionality to cover all major search use cases. You can see the full list of issues in this epic.

Atto image resize/crop/rotate

With the current code users can resize, crop and rotate images in the atto text editor in the same way this can be achieved in Google docs.

Add support to end-to-end testing in the Mobile app

The project's aim was to add more end to end tests to the Mobile application. Supun developed almost 30 new tests that were integrated into Moodle Mobile.

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