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This page outlines the admin settings that can (and probably should) be set when developing Moodle. Do Not use these settings on a production system, as it will cause major performance issues. You can adjust these to your requirements, but they should cover most areas of development.

All the links below can be found in the Settings block.

Enable Debugging

The following settings will display errors, warnings, and notices generated by your code that should be fixed.

Site administration ► Development ► Debugging

  • Set "Debug Messages" to "DEVELOPER"
  • Check "Display Debug Messages"
  • Other settings on this page can be enabled as required.

Disable Caching

These settings will ensure that changes to Javascript will be reflected immediately, and will make Javascript easier to debug with tools like Firebug.

Site administration ► Appearance ► AJAX and Javascript

  • Disable "YUI Combo Loading"
  • Disable "Cache Javascript"

This setting will ensure that CSS and image changes are reflected immediately

Site administration ► Appearance ► Themes ► Theme settings

  • Check "Theme Designer Mode"

This setting will ensure that any language string changes are reflected immediately

Site administration ► Language ► Language settings

  • Uncheck "Cache all language strings"