DB layer 2.0 functional testing

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Moodle 2.0

Functional unit tests can be used to test the interaction of Moodle and database, it is testing following:

  • SQL database server
  • PHP database driver
  • Moodle DB connection settings, driver configuration and server settings
  • Moodle DDL generator
  • Moodle DML driver

You can test current database specified in config.php, you can also specify other DB servers via following config.php settings, for example:

$CFG->func_test_db_1 = array("native", "mysqli", "localhost", "root", "yourpassword", "moodle", "tst_", array('dbengine'=>'InnoDB'));
$CFG->func_test_db_2 = array("native", "mysqli", "localhost", "root", "yourpassword", "moodle2", "tst_", array('dbengine'=>'MyISAM'));
$CFG->func_test_db_3 = array("native", "pgsql", "localhost", "moodleuser", "yourpassword", "moodle2", "tst_", NULL);
$CFG->func_test_db_4 = array("native", "mssql", "", "sa", "yourpassword", "moodle", "tst_", NULL);

DDL tests

All DDL test must pass on any production server.

DML tests

Ideally all DML tests should pass on production servers.

Common problems:

  • MySQL MyISAM engine does ACID compliant and does not support transactions, please consider upgrading to InnoDB.
  • MySQL supports only a limited number of collations, this may cause significant problems for non-english languages
  • Oracle is known to fail in multiple tests (work in progress)