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Customising the theme user menu

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Moodle 3.0

As of 3.0, the user menu can be customised via an array of options, when it is called via


. Initially, only the size of the user's avatar picture can be changed (from the default of 35px square), using the


key with a new size.

user_get_user_navigation_info($user, $this->page, array('avatarsize' => 85));

Unfortunately, to change the one line that calls


, the whole of


must be overridden:

In /themes/<yourtheme>/renderers.lib...

public function user_menu($user = null, $withlinks = null, $loginlogo = null) {

    // Lots of code copied from lib/outputrenderers.php...

    // Get some navigation opts.
    $opts = user_get_user_navigation_info($user, $this->page, array('avatarsize' => 85));

    $avatarclasses = "avatars";
    $avatarcontents = html_writer::span($opts->metadata['useravatar'], 'avatar current');
    $usertextcontents = $opts->metadata['userfullname'];

    // Lots more code copied from lib/outputrenderers.php...


NB: The image size in the browser may actually be set via CSS, as the pixel size of the image is rounded up to one of a few hard-coded sizes - see MDL-50420.

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