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To keep track of your bugs fixed towards the Bugathon awards, please add a new heading for your name below and simply add the bug numbers in a list under it. Note the bug numbers will be auto-linked to the Moodle Tracker.

Gary Anderson

  1. MDL-12121 (NOW IN CORE. php warning error when viewing assignment submission page before students are assigned to course)
  2. MDL-12124 (NOW IN CORE. Changes styles.php in grader report to make it usable in 1.9. This has been discussed with for a few days in the tracker as parts of other other gradebook issues, but has not yet be put as a bug to be be fixed).
  3. MDL-12127 (REFACTORED AND FIXED IN CORE Changes the forms to create/edit items and categories so that users are not assaulted with too many choices; hides under the "Show Advanced" button less common options)
  4. MDL-12140 (REFACTORED AND MARKED AS FIXED IN CORE (even though there is still much work to be done on this, IMHO).Patch to make most common non-weighted and weighted settings easy for teachers)
  5. MDL-12141 (NOW IN CORE. Categories and items created in the 1.9 gradebook should require a name)
  6. MDL-12096 (FIXES BEING WORKED ON CRITICAL: Change way that Moodle 1.9 handles grade averages and weighted grade averages are computed to be more as used in schools and using the method of previous versions and other grading software).
  7. MDL-12294 (Found 95 missing strings in the language files (70 unique) of 1.9 Beta 2 and made patch for most of them or identified the likely problem). Patch presented including for those that were commented out in anticipation but many were and fixed instead.
  8. MDL-12463 Fixed a critical bug with importing activities from other courses that resulted in phantom grade items being created for every activity that was not imported.
  9. MDL-13312 Notices in weblib.php
  10. MDL-12144 Too difficult to set categories with draft gradebook; fix to set category when setting assignment.
  11. MDL-13171 Notice on creating blocks in main menu block
  12. MDL-11835 Fixed a whole range of non-intuitive defaults in Gradebook 1.9. Most suggestions adopted or considered in light of other global suggestions
  13. MDL-12620 Grades shown when student receives feedback.
  14. MDL-12132 Grades shown on RHS because it is hard to find grade info on students with patch.
  15. MDL-12119 Show grade from submission page. First implemented and then implemented in a different way, but still critical.
  16. MDL-13091 Aggregate includes subcategory produced problems
  17. MDL-12380 Allows for grades to go over 100% as was working with previous versions of Moodle with alternate gradebooks.
  18. MDL-12122 Lets links go to student report as previous users of Moodle would expect
  19. MDL-11765 Grading of assignment submission problem with patch
  20. MDL-12361 Problem with error in login/index.php with fix
  21. MDL-12496 Fix for when an item with no grade is created. Present behavior was inconsistent.
  22. MDL-12515 Feedback for students in assignment display, currently no context for student.
  23. MDL-6826 Fix in text so button does not go onto separate line (X)

Mike Churchward

  1. MDL-11646 (Cycled through all roles for a user, using role_unassign for reach role, when deleting the user)
  2. MDL-12114 (Fixed typo in element assignment)
  3. MDL-12149 (Added code to handle group selector properly)
  4. MDL-11991 (Fixing error on undefined method while using the manual plug-in)
  5. MDL-12015 (Added function to count non-category questions)
  6. MDL-12016 (Fixed incorrect use of category on question import)

Michael Spall

  1. MDL-4279 (patch submitted) (X)

Petr Kalis

  1. MDL-11672 (RESOLVED)
  2. MDL-12217 (RESOLVED)
  3. MDL-12218 (RESOLVED)
  4. MDL-11194 (RESOLVED)
  5. MDL-12175 (RESOLVED)
  6. MDL-11818 (RESOLVED)
  7. MDL-11800 (RESOLVED i want +1 for this one, one more bug found and corrected with this one :-p)
  8. MDL-11818 (RESOLVED)
  9. MDL-12400 (RESOLVED)
  10. MDL-12194 (patch submitted)

David Mudrak

  1. MDL-8330 (Moodle ugrade overwrites master language packs - display warning for translators)
  2. MDL-11332 (langdoc.php preview does not work on subdirectories - merged patch by Christian Deligant)
  3. MDL-12289 (backup/restore_check.html violates XHTML Strict in 1.8 branch - backporting patch)
  4. MDL-12291 (help.php is not able to skip _local langpacks - sent patch. Might be considered as an improvement but blocks an other issue)
  5. MDL-8090 (langdoc.php should be able to switch between master and _local pack - committed)
  6. MDL-12326 (admin/index.php violates XHTML strict and blocks an upgrade - sent patch)
  7. MDL-8628 (Administration block search doesn't list all the possibilities)
  8. MDL-12378 (Warnings produced by ADODB violate XHTML Strict rules)
  9. MDL-12467 (Change "Enrolment duration" string in role assignment form)
  10. MDL-12470 (Grade > User Report violates (X)HTML - missing </span>)
  11. MDL-12472 (forum_print_recent_activity() produces unpaired </ul> and breaks XHTML Strict)
  12. MDL-11911 (Recent activity block shows forum posts from separate groups and allows to read and reply)
  13. MDL-12505 (Advanced search in full report of recent activity displays users from all separated groups)
  14. MDL-12581 (course/importstudents.html violates XHTML strict)
  15. MDL-11850 (Choice module with limit does not respect Separate groups mode)
  16. MDL-12893 (Unable to sort by a date field at PostgreSQL - CAST() problem)
  17. MDL-12465 (Editing language file that is not part of the package breaks language pack if not saved)
  18. MDL-13242 (print_plugin_tables() violates XHTML Strict)

Dan Poltawski

  1. MDL-13354
  2. MDL-13339
  3. MDL-13255
  4. MDL-13235
  5. MDL-13221
  6. MDL-13226
  7. MDL-13180
  8. MDL-13179
  9. MDL-13149
  10. MDL-13148
  11. MDL-13146
  12. MDL-13117
  13. MDL-13112
  14. MDL-13107
  15. MDL-13088
  16. MDL-13068
  17. MDL-13003
  18. MDL-12990
  19. MDL-12983
  20. MDL-12943
  21. MDL-12915
  22. MDL-12890
  23. MDL-12889
  24. MDL-12882
  25. MDL-12873
  26. MDL-12859
  27. MDL-12856
  28. MDL-12853
  29. MDL-12840
  30. MDL-12825
  31. MDL-12777
  32. MDL-12763
  33. MDL-12742
  34. MDL-12734
  35. MDL-12707
  36. MDL-12706
  37. MDL-12697
  38. MDL-12692
  39. MDL-12676
  40. MDL-12674
  41. MDL-12670
  42. MDL-12668
  43. MDL-12640
  44. MDL-12639
  45. MDL-12638
  46. MDL-12627
  47. MDL-12593
  48. MDL-12530
  49. MDL-12515
  50. MDL-12464
  51. MDL-12461
  52. MDL-12446
  53. MDL-12415
  54. MDL-12409
  55. MDL-12345
  56. MDL-12209
  57. MDL-12070
  58. MDL-11341
  59. MDL-11086
  60. MDL-10886
  61. MDL-10813
  62. MDL-10753
  63. MDL-10749
  64. MDL-10611
  65. MDL-10607
  66. MDL-10241
  67. MDL-10148
  68. MDL-10133
  69. MDL-9925
  70. MDL-9605
  71. MDL-9372
  72. MDL-9312
  73. MDL-8269
  74. MDL-7846
  75. MDL-7242
  76. MDL-6529
  77. MDL-5598
  78. MDL-4692
  79. MDL-4164
  80. MDL-3842
  81. MDL-3776
  82. MDL-2414
  83. MDL-2013

Eric Merrill

  1. MDL-12823 - The real discussion was in MDL-11674. This one was really a group effort, so Im not sure who should get it, but I appear to have been the first one to suggest the final fix, on 04/Jan/08.
  2. MDL-12933 - Suggested fix in original post
  3. MDL-12937 - Included patch in original post
  4. MDL-12938 - Included patch in original post. Final commit was done by Petr Skoda, and appears to have essentially been a slight structure modification of my patch, as well as multiple patches rolled into one commit. Ill leave this one to someone else's discretion.
  5. MDL-13328 - Submitted proposed fix in initial post. Committed by Gordon Bateson.