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Backup 2.0 drop in ideas

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Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.

This page collects all the ideas collected/suggested by the Community, related to Backup 2.0 along the last months. They are distilled/discussed with detail in the requirements page in order to get a comprehensible list to be fulfilled in the development process. Here it's the original raw list (just numbered for easier reference):

  1. Enable Backup and restore of a Course and it's related meta courses IN ONE HIT to save on adminstration time.
  2. Support incremental backups & restore.
  3. Support 1-activity backup.
  4. Backup/restore one topic only (not just one activity) --Samuli Karevaara 21:29, 5 March 2009 (CST)
  5. Support anonymisation of personal data on backup.
  6. Separate process and progress. (Perhaps these classes I wrote can help)--Tim Hunt 19:41, 1 March 2009 (CST)
  7. XML format doesn't need to be radical different (IMO).
  8. Support restore of old (1.9 only?) backups.
  9. Hook in backup & restore to intercept & support other formats (BB, IMS-CC...)
  10. One code base both for manual and scheduled backup
  11. Scheduled restore
  12. Fix restore so that one can also select to restore course settings (they are currently backed up, but not restored in any restore function.)
  13. Fileless export/import (aka fix import function so that one can choose to import blocks, course settings, etc. in addition to resources/activities)
  14. Export/import over mnet
  15. OOP.
  16. Secure (don't handle non-allowed data, user matching on restore, salted passwords..)
  17. Safe (some sort of "rollback" on failure - requires to have everything annotated somewhere - backup_ids or so).
  18. file-less backups - if you have separate backups, import/export etc.
  19. Allow to backup one category of courses (at the same time, one zip per course). MDL-17187
  20. Allow to mark courses to be excluded from scheduled backup manually.
  21. Avoid anti-timeout output when not running from browser. MDL-17282
  22. Review related caps, cleaning them and adding missing bits, improving sec. consistency.
  23. Log all backups (both manual and scheduled). Improve logging in general.
  24. Separate each module's portion of XML into its own namespace.
  25. Use the namespaces to allow each module the option of validating it's XML content before processing.
  26. Roll dates: on restore or import, allow instructor to input a start date, and roll all assignment, quiz, etc. dates forward based on the new start date.
  27. Backup would need to be called when publish a course on the community hub (course template)
  28. Metadata... to be included in backup/restore... something like: Metadata
  29. Allow backup of roles with permissions, assigns and overrides. MDL-17081

Note: list items marked with ✔ have been analysed/added as development requirements.