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Warning: This page is no longer in use. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.
Moodle User Interface Guidelines > Add element

The workflow of adding an item (new course or a module into a course) in Moodle:

Current way (Moodle 1.9)

  • Select an element to add from a dropdown.
  • No direct feedback to the user of the fact that anything was added
    • Instead, show the user a config screen of the new module without request. In essence, enter a one-screen wizard for creating the module, with no information communicated to users about the fact how much work they have to commit to before being finished
  • By default, users are brought into the context of the new item, again without request, losing context of where they have been taken unless they already know and understand the passive-aggressive logic of the system to throw users around without prior notice
    • (though an option is provided for returning to the course while adding a module)

An alternative?

TODO: create mockup and present in forums

  • Click 'Add activity' in course
  • A window appears with a list. Select an activity from a list (for example, forum), seeing a description of the activity selected, helping to confirm which activity is in question
  • Click [Add activity] next to the list
  • See the new activity appear where it was asked for, with a notice: "Forum needs some further details of how it should work. [Forum settings]"
  • By pressing [Forum settings], enter the config screen of the module
  • When saving, show the user the module already, since the user has opted to enter it themselves by pressing the "[Forum settings]" button and already knows their context.