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Línea 5: Línea 5:
* [[GDPR para administradores|GDPR para admins]]
* [[GDPR para administradores|GDPR para admins]]
* [[:dev:GDPR for plugin developers|GDPR for developers]]
* [[Plugin de políticas]]
* [[Plugin de privacidad de datos]]
* [[GDPR FAQ]]
* [[GDPR FAQ]]
{{Frequently updated doc page
{{Frequently updated doc page
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|docpagetitle = GDPR

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Vista general

GDPR son las siglas de General Data Protection Regulation y se refiere a la regulación de la Unión Europea para la protección de datos para todos los individuos dentro de la Unión Europea. La regulación (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)2 se torna obligatoria el 25 de Mayo del 2018 y remplaza la directiva de protección de datos (officialmente la Directiva 95/46/EC)3 de 1995.

¿A quienes afecta?

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Any individual or organisation that stores or processes personal information on an identifiable person from an EU member state (regardless if the processing or storage of information occurs in the EU or not). It also applies if the individual or organisation themselves is located in an EU member state.

¿Que tipo de información son datos personales en un sitio Moodle?

It is all information that can be associated with a natural person. Each user account and all the activity associated with that user account is classified as personal information. This also extends to associated information such as web server log files.

¿Cómo está ayudando Moodle HQ con la observancia de GDPR?

Earlier this year we reached out to the community through our forums and social media to gauge the needs of different organisations on how they would need to comply with GDPR. We received direct input from a number of Moodle institutions, our Moodle Partner network and developers.

We have a plan to meet those needs and are scheduling the development within our Open Source team under the lead of Sander Bangma, our Open Source Development Coordinator. The plan involves the development of a set of features (made available through plugins and some minimal changes to core) which will assist Moodle sites meeting GDPR compliance needs. The features cover the following areas:

  • Onboarding of new users, including; age and location check to identify minors, versioning of privacy policies and the tracking of user consents;
  • Handling of subject access requests and erasure requests, and maintaining a data registry.

Find out more about our plan.

Important note: Installing the developed plugins alone will not be enough to meet the GDPR requirements. Correct configuration and implementation of the required processes and procedures is also required.

We at Moodle HQ highly recommend that you also engage your IT and legal departments on what is required for GDPR compliance.

Plugins GDPR

GDPR para administradores de Moodle

If you are a Moodle system administrator and have a Moodle site older than the 3.4.2 version or have a site that is not affected by GDPR but would still like to utilise the privacy settings and features, le recomendamos que lea nuestra guía GDPR ´para Administradores de Moodle.

If you are on Moodle 3.4.2 version and above, please refer to our “GDPR for Moodle Administrators (Moodle 3.4.2+)” guide for information on GDPR functionalities that have been released recently and continuing to develop.

Moodle y GDPR para desarrolladores de plugins

If you are a plugin developer, we recommend the following actions to assist you in preparing your Moodle plugin for GDPR:

Moodle y GDPR for para Educadores y Estudiantes

If you are an educator or a learner and would like to find out more about your rights under GDPR and how features in Moodle can assist with protecting your data privacy, we recommend you:

  • Check in with your system administrators for information specific to your institution or organisation;
  • Read more information on GDPR in the “See also” section below.

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