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Encontrar provedores LTI para usar

Here is a list of LTI certified tools from IMS Global.

See also LTI Apps for another list of examples.

Un ejemplo funcional

  • El sitio demostrativo de Moodle School demo tiene un curso en inglés Senior School Chemistry revision course El curso está abierto a invitados, pero las actividades solamente están disponible si Usted ingresa . Ingrese con el nombre_de_usuario (username) "student" y contraseña (password) "moodle".
  • While there are many revision quizzes created with Moodle's own Quiz module, the Open Education ChemVantage site also offers videos,homeworks and alternative quizzes, so linking to such a tool provider allows teachers to save time generating their own teaching materials while benefitting from resources available elsewhere.
  • When students click the External tool link (in this case the ChemVantage Atoms & Elements quiz) they are automatically signed into the connecting site/tool provider (screenshot 1 below) and can take the quiz immediately.
  • When the student has completed the quiz, the tool provider displays their grade (screenshot 2 below) and when the student logs out of the tool provider, the grade is passed back into Moodle (screenshot 2 below)
1.Student logged directly into tool provider
2. Tool provider displays score
3. Score passed to Moodle's gradebook

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