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My students cannot open the file I uploaded for them

Check that the students have the appropriate software to open your file. While Moodle will accept different types of files, it relies on the user to read them with the relevant program. If you uploaded a MS Word 2010 document for instance, make sure your class is able to access Office 2010, or provide them with alternatives such as links to Open Office, a "reader" or a pdf version of your file. If your teaching involves the use of subject-specific proprietary software, you should ensure your students are given the means to open the files at home as well as in your establishment.

Why is it possible to select multiple files in the file settings?

Because you might be uploading a set of HTML pages with resources. You make the index.HTML page the main one, and can reference the other resources.

How can I upload a lot of files in one go?

You can use the Recurso carpeta to display multiple files. Put all your files into a folder, zip(compress) the folder and upload it to the Recurso carpeta. Click the icon to the right of its name to unzip it and then save. All the files will then display.

How can I change the top frame size when displaying a file in a frame?

  1. Login as an admin and go to Settings > Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > File.
  2. Change the 'Frame height' setting.
  3. Click the 'Save changes' button.

If I upload a file in one course, can I use it in another course as well?

Yes. From the file picker, choose Server files and then navigate to the course where you uploaded the file initially and select it there.

How can I make ppt files open within Moodle rather than downloading?

You need to convert the ppt to something else, for example a swf file (using Open/Libre Office). See also Embedding PowerPoint into Moodle via Google Docs video.

How can I show the size of a file on the course page?

Students who need to download files appreciate being able to see its size especially if they have a slow Internet connection. Simply tick the 'Show size' checkbox in the file settings.

If students can link to uploaded files as aliases, how can I stop them changing their assignments?

Don't worry! Students are not allowed to link to files in their private files when uploading assignments, forum attachments, workshop submissions or quiz essays. See Trabajando con archivos.

I've uploaded a video file, but it's too small. How do I change the default video size?

The default size for Moodle video and flash replay is 400 x 300 pixels. If you want the default video size to be larger, add the following code to your config.php file. Another method is to add the same code to the bottom of theme/themename/config.php file (where themename is the name of the theme or themes you are using). Note set the number to the size in pixels you want, common sizes being 800 x 600 or 700 x 525 or 600 x 450 or 500 x 375.

... if (!defined('CORE_MEDIA_VIDEO_WIDTH')) {

   // Default video width if no width is specified; some players may do something
   // more intelligent such as use real video width.
   // May be defined in config.php if required.
   define('CORE_MEDIA_VIDEO_WIDTH', 800);

} if (!defined('CORE_MEDIA_VIDEO_HEIGHT')) {

   // Default video height. May be defined in config.php if required.
   define('CORE_MEDIA_VIDEO_HEIGHT', 600);

} if (!defined('CORE_MEDIA_AUDIO_WIDTH')) {

   // Default audio width if no width is specified.
   // May be defined in config.php if required.
   define('CORE_MEDIA_AUDIO_WIDTH', 400);