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Moodle 3.10

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Fecha de liberación: 8 noviembre 2021

Aquí está la lista completa de composturas en 3.10.7.

Composturas y mejoras generales

  • MDL-66203 - The submission status stays "Submitted for grading" after a submission is removed by or for the student
  • MDL-65943 - RecordRTC Content Does Not Playback in iOS (multiple browsers)
  • MDL-26633 - Unable to randomly allocate more than 30 reviews per submission / reviewer
  • MDL-64576 - Course completion activity dates are incorrect if course completion criteria have been edited
  • MDL-71344 - Drag and drop question type: does not work correctly with multiple questions on one page
  • MDL-72607 - Domain restricted Vimeo videos require an updated URL format to load correctly
  • MDL-72316 - SVG files being downloaded instead of served in SCORM activities
  • MDL-71970 - Fatal error with H5P due to incompatible "Declaration of core_h5p\framework::fetchExternalData"
  • MDL-72590 - When unenrolling from a course with self enrolment, the course name does not pass filters
  • MDL-71750 - File upload: Submit buttons aren't disabled when upload multiple files
  • MDL-72743 - Make question restore more fault tolerant of missing user data in course backups
  • MDL-72621 - Drop support for $CFG->admin
  • MDL-72515 - Plugins overview page calls curl unnecessarily
  • MDL-72507 - Quiz auto-save does not detect uploaded files
  • MDL-51165 - Trailing slash in URL supplied to URL Resource causes extra click to open
  • MDL-72884 - Inserting an SVG file using the "Insert image" doesn't work well with "Auto-size"
  • MDL-56773 - Atto equation editor textarea input should be left aligned in RTL mode
  • MDL-72013 - Add jsdoc validation checks
  • MDL-72064 - Too easy to accidentally change your answer to a multiple-choice questions
  • MDL-72060 - LTI gradebookservice is user gradable in course not working as expected
  • MDL-72599 - Cannot configure or delete blocks added to admin/index.php
  • MDL-39324 - Adding custom video dimensions to a URL resource reverts media icon back to default
  • MDL-71306 - Error when cancelling add cohort_sync enrolment method
  • MDL-72767 - Forum digests may not be sent to a user if new posts made near to the digest send time
  • MDL-72275 - Timeline block "sort by courses" sometimes fetches incorrect or no results for time periods
  • MDL-71785 - Empty quiz section name behaves like new page
  • MDL-72342 - Group import from CSV is broken by byte order mark
  • MDL-72110 - Admin home page preference not respected
  • MDL-72309 - Course creation without category
  • MDL-71137 - File upload: The progress bars are displaying error when drag-and-drop multiple files sequentially
  • MDL-68325 - 'Complete another course' allows to select courses that has completion tracking disabled
  • MDL-71961 - Disable quiz navigation buttons while file uploads are in progress
  • MDL-72857 - Issued badge page doesn't filter site/course names (e.g. multi-lang content)

Mejoras de accesibilidad

  • MDL-72673 - Duplicate element IDs in Glossary
  • MDL-72669 - Invalid HTML in multi-answer (Cloze) questions: blank <option> content is not allowed
  • MDL-72674 - Give feedback about this software link does not warn users that it opens in a new window
  • MDL-71352 - Red/green color for fail/pass in grader report is not accessible
  • MDL-72426 - Insufficient colour contrast for the notification and message badges
  • MDL-71602 - Essay question type: no lable for the editor where the student enters their response

Mejoras de seguridad

  • MDL-72464 - Web service get_active_tokens doesn't return those without expiry date

Composturas de seguridad

Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

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