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Moodle 3.10

Historia de las versiones > Notas de Moodle 3.10.7

Fecha de liberación: 13 Septiembre 2021

Aquí está la lista completa de composturas en 3.10.7.

Composturas y mejoras generales

  • MDL-70176 - Forum Grading Does Not Respect Separate Groups Filter
  • MDL-71121 - Default settings async course backup
  • MDL-49202 - Checking "Hidden" in grade item settings does not hide the item from student, at the same time selecting "Hide" from dropdown on the setup page does
  • MDL-72242 - Missing SVG files in forum posts
  • MDL-70376 - Assignment - Annotated PDF Download issues when page is turned
  • MDL-72312 - PHP 7.2 tests failing in 3.10 & 3.9, caused by buggy php-igbinary extension
  • MDL-71500 - Cannot select a date on the right hand side 3 month mini calendar, after previously selecting one
  • MDL-69451 - moodle_read_slave_trait: restore temptables object when creating rw and ro handles
  • MDL-72033 - User tours: step placement issues if screen too narrow
  • MDL-71973 - Exception thrown when evaluating disabled models from the CLI
  • MDL-70006 - Suspended enrolment will get analytics messages
  • MDL-70165 - Unable to change user role in a new course
  • MDL-70433 - In gradebook titles, ampersand '&' is being displayed as & amp;
  • MDL-71050 - H5P does not use the correct language
  • MDL-72265 - Backup code added in MDL-56310 incorrectly checks moodle/role:safeoverride for users who already have moodle/role:override
  • MDL-67833 - Text run over on Lang customization screen
  • MDL-72035 - Course completion report Excel download should include BOM to ensure correct character encoding
  • MDL-71945 - Bulk releasing grades for anonymous submissions pushes them to gradebook
  • MDL-71844 - Navigation breadcrumbs lost when running single task
  • MDL-71487 - Setting filesize settings to huge values breaks settings pages/search
  • MDL-72207 - Webservice mod_assign_get_submission_status doesn't support "All participants"
  • MDL-71029 - Forum summary report multiplies counts by number of enrollments a user has
  • MDL-72271 - Clicking "Finish Review" after a quiz set to Full screen popup with Javascript security results in a 404 to /mod/quiz/0 if not in a popup window
  • MDL-72325 - sitepolicynotagreed popup appears when trying to start a user tour
  • MDL-72153 - Privacy export of user data doesn't export description files correctly/triggers debugging
  • MDL-72106 - Error being displayed after deleting calendar subscription

Mejoras de accesibilidad

  • MDL-68639 - Atto produces invalid nested unordered (UL) lists
  • MDL-72286 - Atto plugin steals default submit action so enter key in other fields no longer submits the form
  • MDL-71674 - Atto editor's insert image dialog boxes do not show all error messages
  • MDL-71656 - Add meaningful label to colour items in colour chooser elements
  • MDL-72206 - Insufficient colour contrast in warning messages in environment check
  • MDL-71814 - Atto: File picker – file info panel focus issue

Mejoras de seguridad

  • MDL-72014 - Update grunt and some components to avoid some security reports
  • MDL-72187 - Log visibility change of log stores

Composturas de seguridad

Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

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