Configuraciones de insignias

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Moodle 2.5

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Configuraciones de usuario individual

  • Un usuario puede gestionar insignias desde Navegación > Mi perfil > Mis insignias .
  • Un usuario puede ver las insignias disponibles del curso desde Navegación > Curso actual > Insignias .
Viendo insignias de curso

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en Moodle 2.7!

Ver las insignias de otros usuarios

  • Un estudiante puede ver las insignias del curso de otros estudiantes al ir a Navegación > Participantes y elegir el perfil del curso de un usuario elegido. LAs insignias son visibles en el perfil corto (del curso).

Configuraciones de administración del curso

  • A teacher can add and manage badges in their course if the administrator has enabled course badges in Administration>Site administration>Badges settings.
  • They will see a link to badges in Administration>Course administration>Badges. where badges may be gestionadas and added.

Configuraciones de administración del sitio-

  • Badges are enabled by default and can be disabled in Administration>Site administration>Advanced features. (Note that disabling the feature once badges have been awarded does not prevent those badges being verified by external backpacks.)
  • The site settings for badges are located in Administration>Site administration>Badges>Badges settings

Default badge issuer

Here you set the name and email address of the issuer. The name will appear where the badges are displayed and might typically be the name of the organization.

Salt for hashing recipient's email address

If a hash is used (numbers and letters only) then backpack services can confirm a badge earner without exposing their email address.

Enable connection to external backpacks

This should be enabled in order to connect to, for example Mozilla Open Badges. Note that this will not work on a Moodle hosted locally/offline.

Enable course badges

Ticking this box will allow teachers to add and manage badges in their courses.

Capacidades de insignias

There are a number of capabilities associated with badges: