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Moodle 1.9

  • This allows a user to override capabilities that do not have major riesgos attached to them. Higher risk capabilities are locked (greyed out) on the anular permisos page.
    Overriding permissions with higher risk capabilities locked
  • This capability is included in Moodle 1.9.3 onwards. It is not set for any of the default roles.

Capabilities classified as "safe"


Import grades from CSV gradeimport/csv:view

Publish import grades from XML gradeimport/xml:publish

Import grades from XML gradeimport/xml:view


Edit and manage entries moodle/blog:manageentries

View blog entries moodle/blog:view

Manage any calendar entries moodle/calendar:manageentries

Manage group calendar entries moodle/calendar:managegroupentries

Manage own calendar entries moodle/calendar:manageownentries

Hide/show activities moodle/course:activityvisibility

Send a message to many people moodle/course:bulkmessaging

Manage groups moodle/course:managegroups

Manage scales moodle/course:managescales

Control section visibility moodle/course:sectionvisibility

Set current section moodle/course:setcurrentsection

Enable/disable email address moodle/course:useremail

View courses moodle/course:view

View hidden activities moodle/course:viewhiddenactivities

View hidden courses moodle/course:viewhiddencourses

View hidden sections moodle/course:viewhiddensections

View participants moodle/course:viewparticipants

View scales moodle/course:viewscales

Hide/show courses moodle/course:visibility

Lock grades or items moodle/grade:lock

Manage letter grades moodle/grade:manageletters

Manage grade outcomes moodle/grade:manageoutcomes

Unlock grades or items moodle/grade:unlock

View own grades moodle/grade:view

Manage notes moodle/notes:manage

View notes moodle/notes:view

Add new questions moodle/question:add

Edit all questions moodle/question:editall

Edit your own questions moodle/question:editmine

Edit question categories moodle/question:managecategory

Move all questions moodle/question:moveall

Move your own questions moodle/question:movemine

Use all questions moodle/question:useall

Use your own questions moodle/question:usemine

View all questions moodle/question:viewall

View your own questions moodle/question:viewmine

Override safe permissions for others moodle/role:safeoverride

Switch to other roles moodle/role:switchroles

Unassign own roles moodle/role:unassignself

View hidden role assignments moodle/role:viewhiddenassigns

Access all groups moodle/site:accessallgroups

Always see full names of users moodle/site:viewfullnames

View user profiles moodle/user:viewdetails


Grade assignment mod/assignment:grade

Submit assignment mod/assignment:submit

View assignment mod/assignment:view


Talk in a chat mod/chat:chat

Delete chat logs mod/chat:deletelog

Read chat logs mod/chat:readlog


Record a choice mod/choice:choose

Delete responses mod/choice:deleteresponses

Download responses mod/choice:downloadresponses

Read responses mod/choice:readresponses


Approve unapproved entries mod/data:approve

Write comments mod/data:comment

Manage comments mod/data:managecomments

Manage entries mod/data:manageentries

Rate entries mod/data:rate

View presets from all users mod/data:viewalluserpresets

View entries mod/data:viewentry

View ratings mod/data:viewrating

Write entries mod/data:writeentry


Add news mod/forum:addnews

Create attachments mod/forum:createattachment

Delete any posts (anytime) mod/forum:deleteanypost

Delete own posts (within deadline) mod/forum:deleteownpost

Edit any post mod/forum:editanypost

Initial subscription mod/forum:initialsubscriptions

Manage subscriptions mod/forum:managesubscriptions

Move discussions mod/forum:movediscussions

Rate posts mod/forum:rate

Reply to news mod/forum:replynews

Reply to posts mod/forum:replypost

Split discussions mod/forum:splitdiscussions

Start new discussions mod/forum:startdiscussion

Throttling applies mod/forum:throttlingapplies

View any ratings mod/forum:viewanyrating

View discussions mod/forum:viewdiscussion

View hidden timed posts mod/forum:viewhiddentimedposts

Always see Q and A posts mod/forum:viewqandawithoutposting

View ratings mod/forum:viewrating

View subscribers mod/forum:viewsubscribers


Approve unapproved entries mod/glossary:approve

Create comments mod/glossary:comment

Export entries mod/glossary:export

Import entries mod/glossary:import

Manage categories mod/glossary:managecategories

Manage comments mod/glossary:managecomments

Manage entries mod/glossary:manageentries

Rate entries mod/glossary:rate

View ratings mod/glossary:viewrating

Create new entries mod/glossary:write

Hot Potatoes Quiz

Attempt a quiz mod/hotpot:attempt

Delete quiz attempts mod/hotpot:deleteattempt

Modify grades mod/hotpot:grade

View reports mod/hotpot:viewreport


Manage LAMS activities mod/lams:manage

Participate in LAMS activities mod/lams:participate


Manage a lesson activity mod/lesson:manage


Attempt quizzes mod/quiz:attempt

Delete quiz attempts mod/quiz:deleteattempts

Get email confirmation when submitting mod/quiz:emailconfirmsubmission

Get email notification of submissions mod/quiz:emailnotifysubmission

Grade quizzes manually mod/quiz:grade

Ignores time limit on quizzes mod/quiz:ignoretimelimits

Manage quizzes mod/quiz:manage

Preview quizzes mod/quiz:preview

View quiz information mod/quiz:view

View quiz reports mod/quiz:viewreports


Save tracks mod/scorm:savetrack

Skip overview mod/scorm:skipview

View reports mod/scorm:viewreport

View scores mod/scorm:viewscores


Download responses mod/survey:download

Respond to survey mod/survey:participate

View responses mod/survey:readresponses


Manage wiki settings mod/wiki:manage

Override locked pages mod/wiki:overridelock

Edit wiki pages mod/wiki:participate


Manage settings mod/workshop:manage

Participate in workshop mod/workshop:participate

RSS Client

Create private RSS feedsblock/rss_client:createprivatefeeds

Create shared RSS feedsblock/rss_client:createsharedfeeds

Manage any RSS feedsblock/rss_client:manageanyfeeds

Manage own RSS feedsblock/rss_client:manageownfeeds


View block moodle/block:view

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