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The Online users block shows a list of users who have been logged into the current course. The list is updated on a regular basis (the default is every 5 minutes but this may be changed - see below).

Clicking the eye next to your name will hide you from others in the block.


  • If you hold the cursor over somebody's name, you will see how long ago that person was last "seen" in the course
  • If you click on the envelope icon next to somebody's name, you will be able to send a private message to that person (using Moodle's messaging system)

Note 1: If separate groups are enabled in a course and this block is added onto the course page, only members of the group will be displayed in the list. Note 2: Even though a user may have been logged into a course within the last 5 minutes, it does not necessarily mean that this user is still online.


Site administration settings

The online users block has one setting which may be changed by an administrator in Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Blocks > Online users.

  • block_online_users_timetosee - The number of minutes after which users will not be displayed in the list. The default is 5 minutes. You may want to adjust this if the list of users displayed is too long or too short.