Activity results block

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  • The Activity results block displays results from graded or rated activities in a course. Watch the HQ screencast Activity results block to see it in action.
  • It may be set to display on the main course page, or on the page of a particular activity.
  • When the block is first added, a message appears:


  • This is normal, because you must then go into the block's settings to select the activity you want.
  • You can then choose to display a number of highest or lowest scores, and whether to display individuals or groups.
  • The block will display grades from forums, quizzes, assignments, lessons and workshops and ratings from forums, glossaries and databases

Note: The grade must be visible to students in the gradebook to be displayed in this block (although the activity may be hidden on the course page).

Admin settings

Default block settings may be defined by an admin in the block's settings page in the Site administration.